Okay, I'm done with that challenge. I'm not going to pretend people actually care what my "4 turn ons" are. Supaaaa gay. So instead here's just one big dump of random rants and raves, mmm k?


First off, watch this video. Some guys up here dressed as gorillas and ran down Whyte Ave. This was a while ago but sometimes I watch it when I'm bored and I felt it should be shared. Can I just say I love this city and the people I know in it? Especially when one of the guys in that same video, Steve Guenther, drops by our house randomly with a loaf of bread he'd made just to be nice.
Oh and don't mind the mattresses, there was a sleepover in the living room.

What guy makes bread you ask? Only an exceptional one. Man, I love my guy friends.
Did I mention they came over bearing gifts again the other day? Too bad this time it was this instead:

Yep, a giant icicle. 

And they put it in the fridge freezer and scared Linds half to death when she opened the door and it came crashing down on her. There were no injuries.
In other news, Brigitte Russell dyed my hair blonde and I love it and Meg came to visit; it was really great. I love my sister! She is the cutest. She also gave me these cute earrings. 

Random right? Oh well, I like them. Feel free not to. You're making a mistake though.
Speaking of mistakes... Can we move onto the rant section of this post? Thanks.


First off, I am the world's laziest girl these days. Can I have suggestions how to motivate myself? Second of all, I hate when people refer to their stomach as their abs. If you're a body builder, that's fine, because you actually have them. It's okay to say you have a stomach girls, that doesn't mean you are fat, it's just a stomach. haha. I say this only because today I had to listen to a girl (for about twenty minutes) whine about how her "abs" were getting fat. Calling them abs doesn't make them less fat, and if they're fat they're not abs. Girls are silly. Thirdly, Anne Hathaway is the new Catwoman. At least Halle Berry has a little bit of sexy in her to pull it off, but princess diaries girl? I don't think so.

Oh and P.S. to refer back to the gorilla video, I have something along those lines coming up- but with less gorillas and scaring of strangers. Stay tuned!


  1. hahaha i died at that video! so great.

  2. Obsessed with the earings. Need...some...for........myself!


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