Oh Hello, How Are You?

I guess I should probably write something. Is this like how hotmail accounts used to be where if you didn't use them, then they deleted themselves? Anybody know what I'm talking about? I should probably explain why this blog has been a no-go. I am lazy. Yep, that's it, and today I was reminded to stop being so lazy with this thing and get writing. So here is an update.

Today a little girl peed her pants at camp. At first I thought she just spilled her water but then that wet spot just kept getting bigger and bigger and before I could stop it, it was running down her leg and all the children were scattering. I wish I could feel bad for this girl but yesterday she kicked me in the shin and called me a poo-poo head (I don't know which one hurt more).  I sat her down and said, "Did you have an accident?" She replied, "Ya, but it was just pee so that's ok. If it were poop it'd be realllllly messy for you." I'm glad she was so considerate. I make my life sound bad when in reality it's pretty great. Kids are really just hilarious. I love their high little voices and when they all of the sudden realize they love me half way through the week and give enough hugs to last a lifetime. When I ask them how old they think I am and how much they think I weigh I start to kinda love them too...

 "Mmmm I'd say you're about 25 and you weigh 15 pounds." 15 pounds?! What angels.

So far summer this year has been nice and peaceful. I did the church history trip, I've watched millionaire matchmaker with my mom almost every lunch hour, and as of right now I'm off to go get whooped in tennis by my dad.

Oh, and P.S. Can anyone suggest a good book? PLEEEEEASE.
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