Brother Kikuchi Comes for a Visit.

So today was stake conference for our ward and we got there a little late... not a good idea. The parking went about 3 blocks in every direction and yet again, i parked illegally. I know, you'd think I'd do better on the sabbath whilst also attending a church meeting. oops. But anyways, we go and they had Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi from the Quorum of the 70 come talk!
He's so cute and little and... asian! All the speakers were good but you could tell he was the main event. We were in a room because the gym and chapel were PACKED. seriously i've never seen something so full. But anywho even in there he was almost yelling at the members. Just emphasizing the importance of the temple and attending and what I thought was amazing was that he didn't even have a paper with him. He was just saying what he felt he should say. I loved it! and I loved his accent... and how asian he was. Did I already mention that? So after we left my ears were a little bit ringing from the noise but all in all i enjoyed it. Plus, I was wearing this RIDICULOUSLY cute new dress i bought yesterday so i was in a good mood already. I'll wear it for thanksgiving... it's that cute. right mom? :)

But we went about our day all uplifted and such then Jordan and Ashley had to go to fashion
and hair shows for school. Ashley got her hair absolutely butchered by hair students because she had to either work at the show or be a model so she chose to be a model and well... i'll post a picture of it. eeeek! Her hair is literally cut right to her ears. they even buzzed it a little bit to make sideburns.

So it was just Brooke and I as we hopped into my car
and drove the thirty minutes to the stake center. It was all single adults so it was loud of course because everyone's so chatty and Bro. Kikuchi actually had the stake president get up and ask us to be quiet and just listen to the prelude. It was really special. Heads up about him, he never sticks to the program they give you. But I'll get to that later! So the stake presidents (there were two stakes there) and the mission president and his wife spoke and it was really special and then brother kikuchi got up and I expected him to speak about 15 minutes considering the time everyone else ended. Nope. He spoke for almost an hour and ten minutes! He was originally going to speak on missionary work and reaching out to others but he felt inspired to speak on the importance of choosing a good spouse and temple marriage. it was amazing! at some parts he was literally yelling at us. it was almost a scolding towards the young men to just get on with life and get married and for us girls to only allow ourselves to marry worthy priesthood holders. the whole time everyone was so straight faced because he was just soooo blunt. He didn't worry about hurting peoples feelings or saying things that are kinda not usually said over the pulpit and that was partly why it was so amazing. I was just in shock. So afterwards I wanted to shake his hand but the line up was out the door! He was a great speaker though and I am so so so lucky to have gotten to hear from him! oh but cooooool part. for the closing prayer he stopped the music and got up and was like: "i think we should sing a certain song but i don't remember the title of it..." so he hummed it until someone could remember and then just went and sat down and waited for the pianist to frantically find it and figure out how to play it. it was sooo funny! but amazing because the song just went perfectly with the whole night! It was a great sunday :)



i. am. so. sick.
today i sat on my couch in my underwear (sorry roomies) for three hours without moving. i just laid there in the fetal position dying of heat and some mysterious sickness. it was terrible. I'm on the verge of throwing up over everything. there's this stupid Paki guy who makes sick indian food all day and if i have to walk down our hallway and smell those fumes one more time I'm gonna throw up in a bucket and put it on his doorstep. my vomit will be because of him.

that is all.


I'm possibly the luckiest person I know...

So today I was walking home from my afternoon class after wandering around aimlessly for the administration's office (it was impossible to see or else I'm partially blind, either or.), and when I got close to my building I suddenly had this thought to go check on my car... Let me back track and tell the story behind that:
I had to go to tons of YSA stuff this weekend that were too far away for bus so I drove a ton and with me not having a parking spot in my building since I'm not on th
e lease and can't seem to get one I have this one spot that's public and not illegal or anything. Super lucky! And usually I can get that spot but since I left it empty so much this weekend some sneaky little devil snatched it up and so I was forced to park illegally... Yes, I know, I'm a criminal. But I didn't want to have to walk ten blocks just to get to drive for 10 mins for groceries! And this was actually closer to what I had before so I was perfectly content to not abiding by the law this once...
BUT anyways I was walking home and I got this crazy feeling to go check on my car so I was just like: "uhh ok, whatever you say conscience." and proceeded to walk over there and this is where it's AMAZING. The ticket man was out just going down the street throwing them on every winshield and the tow
trucks were there to just grab the cars and take them away. To my complete luck the man was ticketing the car right infront of me. If I'd ignored that instinct or decided to just go check it later who knows where my car would be or what I'd be paying right now. SO LUCKY! any later time and BAM there goes my entertainment money for the next... 3 months? so yes that was my cool story of the day. Also, I tried to make a side kicks and forgot about the milk and water boiling while writing this little blog and it was a catastrophe. Our house stinks of burnt milk. I got a picture! so hopefully that works on this too.. anyways, that's all. :)


I'm a Blogger!

So my blogging life has begun... Let me take one deep breath before I begin. There. That was refreshing! So for some reason I've gotten the impression quite consistently lately to start a blog, which is kind of odd because I've always thought it was a lame excuse for people to talk about themselves but I kinda want to go from a different angle I guess with this. I won't be just talking about odd things that happen, my classes, friends, parties, etc... I want to just discuss topics. Whether they be spiritual, educational, political (though I'm sure that won't be a very consistent one) and hopefully by the time I'm done with school and it's "adventures" I can look back and see that I've changed. I've grown up and made something of myself. I don't mean "glamorous celebrity" making of myself, but I want to be satisfied if not overjoyed with the girl I am hopefully to be. So that was just kind of an introduction and I want to talk about what I experienced today.

So today I went to my YSA ward for the second time but it felt more like I'd never been there before. New building, way more single adults, and I felt even more lost than before. First of all the meeting was in an institute building which I guess doesn't have a chapel? So it was the gym and I don't know if they're going to fix that or what... But everyone was very close together and the podium was right in front of us and the only word I could think of was intimate. You so much as giggled and it sounded like a cackle. But the amazing part was all the sudden it was time for the sacrament to be passed and even though every sound was 10x it's amplitude the "chapel" was still dead silent. It was amazing! I'm so used to family wards where there's that little stretch of serenity and then it's almost as if all the babies in the ward made a pact to cry at the exact same moment. I'm not bitter towards that I'm just saying I'm used to it. So to sit there and here my own thoughts, no distractions, was amazing. I don't know how long it's been since I've sat there and truly pondered the atonement, discussed personally with the lord what I can improve on, and felt such a peace during sacrament. It made me so grateful for the single adult program. That we have this opportunity as young adults living the gospel to meet together and grow from one another. I think it's amazing! That we have the ability to run a functional and strong relief society. That we can learn from each other even though we are in our youth. I know the Lord finds great joy in that. To know that in our own strength we can accomplish amazing things so early on. So I continued on through the meetings and great lessons on D&C 136 and true friendship were given in sunday school and relief society.
I went home though and I was faced with a large dilemma. See I'm quite behind on all my classes because I took so long to buy my textbooks so I had ALOT of reading to do (actually, I still have alot of reading. Shame on me.). So I couldn't decide if I should go with my roommates, Jordan and Ashley, to Millswood Stake Centre to watch the Young Adults broadcast or stay home and study. I knew that if i went I would probably end up going out with them to some party Jordan had mentioned and get home really late and not getting any studying whatsoever done. Also, I'd most likely be exhausted and almost sleep through my psychology class, again. And I was really torn because it was one of those better best decisions you know? Either would be good. I could grow spiritually, socially, or educationally. So I got to my knees and I prayed and I sat there until I could decide what to do. I know, it doesn't seem like a big deal but I've been trying to pray to Lord more diligently and I thought this would be good practice. So as I debated with the Lord on which would be most beneficial I was surprised when I realized I needed to stay home and study. How odd, wouldn't he want me to go to the broadcast? So I got my book and was going into my room when Janna from 9 floors up came in to drop a back off of Sarah's. She wasn't going to the broadcast either! I asked her: "Hey Jan, why aren't ya goin?" and she informed me she was going to watch it on the internet and then study right after instead of having to make the long drive or going out. GLORIOUS! I was thrilled because i was feeling a tad bit guilty for not going and also completely confused.
So I got to watch it. And it was lovely! Sister Dalton is truly an inspired and edifying woman. Someone everyone should look up to. At the end though, I had a really hard time staying awake and I feel a little bad. But it was definitely longer than I expected! haha. But afterwards I noticed those "mormon messages" that are always at the church website's homepage. I clicked on it and probably within twenty seconds of the video I was bawling. It was so amazing! It was all about this man finding hope after 9/11 and I was just in awe. So I clicked on another one and after about a half hour I realized I'd watch about 10 of them. The spirit I felt I couldn't handle. It was as if each one while they were making them they thought, "oh you know, I think Kelsey Scott would really like this." Eventually I had to actually turn off my computer and think and at that moment such a pure love came over me. I am a daughter of God and this church is true. The things I learn each day are spiritual principles that will bless me throughout eternity and without the knowledge I have I would be nothing. It's been a long time since I've had such a sure answer come to me before. Recently I've sat in prayer in frustration because all I wanted was that confirmation of my faith; of that truth. But now I know it was because I had followed the Lord's advice. I was completely in an apartment by myself with zero distractions from a roommate or a phone or Facebook. I was in a state where I was susceptible to the spirit and it was so worth it. And so here I am and I thought I would finally start the blog since i'm in such an inspired state. I hope you enjoyed? Maybe I'll keep this up.
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