My Summer Post?

I feel like I need to address a part of me that I've been hiding for a long time. I, Kelsey Scott, am not madly in love with Waterton. It feels so good to get that off my chest. I, also, do not pretend to love Waterton, nor do I think it is the greatest place on Earth. I mean, come on! There's way cooler places out there!

 I had never quite understood the infatuation people have with it until this summer. You see, I tend to have themes to my summers. One will be all about my friends, or another will be losing weight (which never works? haha), and this summer somehow became about hiking. I don't love hiking. I mostly tolerate it, with a few moments where I actually enjoy it. My butt always hurts after (?) and I usually have a sunburn. For some odd reason though, I decided I was going to hike more this summer and see if I could get that dislike out of me.

I hiked a few times in Waterton and I really wasn't that thrilled. Mostly because one of them was The Summit and I have been doing that one every year for what feels like a decade. But then I went and did some really cool ones in Glacier (pictures to follow) and then before I came back up to Edmonton I spent an entire week in the park. I loved it! It was so relaxing and quiet and I didn't have to use my brain once! I thought to myself: I could get used to this... in another part of the world... but something similar to this... My attitude was still a little against Waterton, but it was warming up.

When I came back up for school I got to go to Elk Island one sunday. It's really beautiful out there and there's wild buffalo just walking around and it's not that far of a drive. As we drove down the road, looking out the window, I kept thinking, where the heck are all of the mountains? This place sucks! I gasped. Had I said that? I felt as though I was betraying my prairie heritage. But really, I miss seeing mountains. Maybe not hiking them... but, ya know, looking from a safe distance when the sun is setting. Who have I become? I do not know, and I guess we'll have to wait until next summer if this mountain thing sticks.

Welp, I'm done talking. Here's some pictures.

shows on backwards, brushing his teeth in the driveway.

mini J-biebs?

I have a ten year old niece! #weird (wierd?)... weird.

A buffalo!

Turkey burger = best thing I ever made

Paint in my hair from two weeks before? yep.

view from study table


From a class novel.

Ptarmigan Tunnel 

Before I cut my hair off and cried for weeks/ months.

swift current pass lookout. SO FUN! I cried half way up because I'm a baby and thought the wind would somehow blow me off the mountain.

quick little jaunt to wall lake

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