Day Five: Six Wishes

Six Things You Wish You'd Never Done

Since my last post blew chunks, I'll try to make this one more interesting.

1. I wish I hadn't gone to the U of A last year. It just messed everything up. Heads up to future students, don't go unless you actually want to try to succeed... which I didn't. 
2. I wish I hadn't cut all my hair off in grade 10. I bet my hair would be to the bottom of my back by now for sure. A girl can only wish.
3. I wish I'd never would've gotten into facebook. Maybe then I wouldn't be such a creeper. I would say it's a talent though...
4. I wish I'd been conscious and not slept my first three days of Europe. Does anyone remember London? Because I sure as heck don't and I don't even have pictures to look back on. The same goes along for grad...
5. I wish I had never played a certain game that involved a blindfold. I probably wouldn't regret it so much if I wasn't made fun of every day of my life. haha.
5 1/2. I wish my mom hadn't let me have a camera after I got my wisdom teeth out, or let people visit me.
Oh wait, yes I do, because I ended with this lovely picture.
6. I wish I had never quit piano lessons.

Oh, and P.S. wanna see another funny picture?
I had Scotty L. show me this the other day. If you're wondering whose face that is on my shirt, it's Darren Balderson. Random? Yes.


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