Happy Birthday Dad!

So today is the faush's birthday! Here are a few of my favorite things about my dad. He's a great guy!

1. He used to read my social books, I always thought it was funny.
2. Even though he tries to seem tough sometimes, he's a biiiig softy.
3. He loves socks with sandals. He's one of the only people I know who can pull it off.
4. He intimidates every single one of my guy friends, alot.
5. His cute scrunchy face.
6. Loves the momma lots and lots and is always pampering her.
7. He can read a book faster than anyone I know, it's impressive.
8. Even when I'm at my peak during the season, he's still in better shape than me.
9. He seems to have a bottomless pit of overall knowledge on everything.
10. He is very protective of his children.

I love you dad, you're the best!


Cheese and Meat Filled Dough

It smells like pizza pops wherever I go, and I know it's not me! 
I'm going to go insane, and possibly eat a years supply in about two seconds. 

oh, and I'm obsessed with swimming lately.


Oh To Be Young Again...

"Youth is a wonderful thing.  What a crime to waste it on children."  
-George Bernard Shaw

Visiting my grandparents, my grandpa had some amazing words of wisdom: 

"The greatest thing you can ever do in your life is give to someone and not receive anything back."
"You'll never be happy with just money."
"Always make sure your 4 wheel drive is on."
"Don't ever marry someone who's Japanese."
"Enjoy being young while you can, and pretend you're never going to get old."

The last two I would have to say I don't agree with. First of all, my grandma's Japanese and I think she's lovely; and second, I don't think I would mind getting old. I looked at all those retirees down there and they have the life. They wake up whenever they'd like, walk outside to beautiful weather, find yummy buffets, shop, quad, visit, swim or hot tub, and then relax at night or go out to eat. I think right there is where I would be completely happy. Sure they've earned it with years of hard work, wrinkles, and grey hair, but sometimes I work hard and I swear I see crows feet when I look in the mirror. Heck, I even bought loafers when i was down there (They are absolutely darling though... My new favorite item). I just don't understand why those people want to come and live my life when they're having their childhood all over again. Sure, my bones are more stable and I don't have diabetes or age spots but if it'd let me into that life I wouldn't mind breaking a finger and drawing some brown on my face. I can't wait to be old... but I guess I do enjoy having blonde hair and skin elasticity.

Warm Weather, Great Company.

They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, I don't feel like typing a thousand words for each of these pictures. I think my trip would be best explained by just a few comments here and there. 

 I got such a kick out of this. A random recliner on top of a mountain.

I look super gay in helmets.

Dirty Sanchez.

Thousand Palm Oasis = true love.

       just like home.

nice butt view, but i love our height difference.

It was a great trip.


We're Here!

Oh today has been lovely... We finally got in last night around 7:30 by sheer luck. Since our flight was cancelled there was about 30 people in standby waiting for the next flight at 6. We were about 8th in line for getting the spot so there was no hope and hardly any hope for the 9 o clock. It looked like we'd be staying for the night. So I sat back and relaxed waiting for my parents to get a shuttle to the closest hotel so we could fly out the next morning. Then suddenly: "Scott party of 3." They were telling us we could make it on the flight. I don't know how we possibly got on but we did... It was amazing! The flight was quick and when we got off the plane, finally in Palm Springs, it was the weirdest thing... it smelled like corn on the cob. Seriously I felt like I was at a 4th of July barbeque. I love it!! and the whole airport is outside so to get to baggage you go on a sidewalk under all these palm trees and gardens it was so beautiful! 
I think all airports should look like this.


But to every highlight of Scott vacations there seems to always be a draw back. This time around it was the luggage. One of our three bags didn't even end up leaving Edmonton. How ridiculous! But we were said to get it the next day so we weren't too worried. Mom and dad just had zero clothes and I had no pants, that's all. We got in about 7:30 and after saying our hellos we did what was best; we ate at in-n-out. Delicious! I swear all the times I've gone before I never quite enjoyed it but this time was a dream. The shakes were so thick I could barely slurp them through the straw and the hamburgers had everything on them! It was the perfect end to a slightly stressful day.
so sad...


Not Quite There.

I love airports.  There’s a certain atmosphere to them and I just can’t seem t get enough of them for a few main reasons: you never go outside but yet you feel as though you aren’t really enclosed in a building because of the large windows and sunshine and there’s a peace and quiet along with that; Everyone’s here, but not really by choice so there seems to be certain camaraderie and politeness as if to say: “I wish I was at my destination too”; And lastly, the wonderful variety of people you see. I sit a mere ten feet from a man with the most exquisite, repulsive, and a tad bit confusing shoes I’ve ever seen. They are, wait for it, a combination of crocs and dress shoes. The top is made of leather and even laced, you’d think your eyes were deceiving you but lo and behold there beneath such material is the design of those rubbery footwear. What a perfect combination of dressy and casual. It’s the mullet, in footwear. (Business at the top, party on the bottom? Haha) I had to take a picture. Soak it up folks.
I tried to be as stealth as possible, but I think he's onto me.

So our first day hasn’t worked out quite like we all expected. If everything had gone as planned I would actually be sitting on a plane half way to Palm Springs by now, but our flight got delayed three hours. So, I’m in Denver reading cool facts about the altitude and walking back and forth on the flat escalators, because when I walk really fast I feel superhuman. I actually don’t mind it too much. My parents nearly died of an anxiety attack because it seemed to ruin our plans but I’m actually quite content. I’ve rented a movie on iTunes, the airport has free Internet, and our airhostess is a rambunctious black woman who would pronounce, “what are you looking at?” as “whu choo lookin yat?” LOVE IT.  So actually, I am quite content. Let me just say I’m still ridiculously excited to go to California, the whole week is said to be 27 and above, but it’s nice to sit and relax and prepare for this amazing week. I am a little tired of travelling and airplanes where I can’t stretch my legs.

So here I sit staring out at the landings after just devouring the greasiest meal of my life. My fear of trans fats was put to the back of my mind as I took in a philly cheese steak so fatty and slimy it soaked through my wrapper. Oh well, it was good anyways and spicy just the way I like it. But now I feel sloshy and tired and I best go have a nap before our next flight.
If you look closely I only remembered to put make up on one eye. haha.


And As a Side Note

I am way into soundtrack/classical music this week. 

Try out Hans Zimmer. He soothes the soul. He wrote the music for movies such as Angels & Demons, The Holiday, The Dark Knight, and most recently Sherlock Holmes (I thought its music was AMAZING). 

Check out my personal favorite by him here. It played during my favorite part of Angels and Demons.
I love that line the Cardinal Strauss says :"The Church is flawed but only because man is flawed. All men, including this one." I don't know why but it always makes me emotional.


Some people may say procrastination is the easy way out, but let me tell you it is exhausting. I sit here, watching Bourne Surpremacy, and my mind is wheeling. How many hours will I get to study today? Can I afford to finish this movie and still by chance do well on this test? I don't even know... But as much as it stresses me out I can't seem to get my legs to slide off the couch to the ground, pull myself up, and walk out the door to the library. Maybe I'll check how cold out it is for the 5th time... -9. Do I really have to go out when it's so cold? Perhaps I should shower and make some food so I can be mentally prepared. OR to make myself feel really good get all dressed up and do my hair nice so I can feel like a go-getter when I embark on this studious journey. 

Or, maybe i should just curl up in this fuzzy blanket of mine... Write a meaningless blog and see how this movie plays out. 

Ya, I think I'll do that. Perhaps at 2 I'll go study?


The Great Debate.

Last Thursday Sarah and I, being the nerds that we are, went to an Atheist/ Theist debate on whether morality exists or not without God. This is how the evening went down...

We walked into the large theatre and everyone was hushed and the lights were dim. The Atheist was speaking and sort of introducing the topic. Where does morality come from? Is it something that's developed over time through evolution as an innate knowledge or are we given this sense of right and wrong by God? It was so interesting to see everybody's reactions because at the beginning nobody seemed to be taking any sides... they just wanted to get some information, but eventually as he continued speaking heads began to nod and people began to decide, based on a few misleading and twisted sentences, that he was right. As he distorted the ideas of Christianity and with the slip of his tongue made polluted phrases sound luscious people began to cheer whenever he had a quick snide comeback towards the Christian man. About half of the people openly supported the Atheist, a quarter openly supported the Christian man, and the other quarter seemed Christian but too timid to applaud the ideas of the Christian. I found this so interesting... Since when did being an Atheist become the norm? Where was Christianity? I think the most crucial point for people choosing Atheism over God was the great question everyone gets asked.

"How do you know?"

I just wanted to jump up and scream about the church and that we know. hah. But the question raises with them too? How do they know? But being in university I've learned one thing... When you have something brought to your attention everyday it doesn't matter what it is it starts seeming true. With science based schooling it's almost impossible to ignore the small questionings of my faith everyday.

the sign walking in.

        Sarah reading false teachings haha.

And some interesting statistics the Christian added:
Beginning university 50% of all students believe in a God
By the time they go on to get their graduate 33% believe.
Upon reaching the status of a professor 20% have maintained their faith.


But i would just like to say this debate wasn't all evil. It was great to see those who did believe in a God stand up and when students later on went up to ask the Atheist some questions they held their ground quite well against a man with a doctorate in theology. And I really enjoyed the defender of God in this debate. He wasn't afraid to deny evolution from molecular beings, he was proud of having a perfect, just God. It was lovely.
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