Simmer Summer

Just an update of what I've been doing!

saying bye to some friends.
seeing david archuleta!
picking up my grandma?
going to Mexico and lasting 3 hours with my hair like this...

until I had to change to this hair style...
and then I got really sick for a day.
but i loved it and my parents are cute.
I tried to paint something... I'm terrible at it!
Angie and her fam came... and Dexter got a giant bump on his head.
I said goodbye to 906.
Went to Frank Slide!
Saw friends! 
Thunder in the Valley.
Pretty much saw this little lady, alot.
One of my favorite things...
Said goodbye to Darren as he went off to Cali.
I love this kid.
Played in the petting zoo.
These guys are cute.
Turned emo. Saaa! Taylor took  pictures of me when I was trying to nap.
Jace made friends. (so cute right?)

These two ladies got engaged! Along with half of the people I know...
And I took alot of creepy pictures of Katie and Nathan.
I've grown to love this place even more.
I told everyone Scott Leishman was giving this away for FREE! on Kijiji. It had to be removed due to so many phone calls. haha.

And you know, the usual summer stuff.


What Did You Learn?

The other day an old lady from my ward stopped me and asked me how I was doing. I said: "oh fine, I'm just working for the town for the summer and then going back to the school." She asked where I was going, I said U of A. She asked if I liked it; I said most of the time. And then she asked, "Well what did you learn?"

Where do I even start?

I quickly told her about some of my classes and dashed off because the ice cream in my hand was melting and I hate with all of my heart melted ice cream. I couldn't help but speculate about what I actually did figure out.  A flood of things came to mind and then I jokingly said to myself, it would probably be a shorter list of what I didn't learn.

 I started to mentally make that list... It's not a short one, and definitely made me think about some things.

What I Didn't Learn This Year:

  • How to say thank you.
  • How to bite my tongue when I need to.
  • How to acknowledge that not everyone thinks like me and shares my opinion.
  • How people can wear black and brown accessories together.
  • What exactly curb stomping is... Someone explain?
  • How to paint my toenails without getting the polish everywhere.
  • That waxing hurts, everytime.
  • How to wear contacts for more than two consecutive days.
  • How to wear nice clothes to institute class, or brush my hair for it.
  • That I am in fact a ginger. I'm not admitting to this, but people have said I need to accept the facts.
  • How to accept my small bossoms. haha!
  • How to hang up clothes after I try them on.
  • How to hide my freckles.
  • How to stop picking my hang nails.
  • How to stop having people walk in on me while I'm changing.
Here's to next year, right?


Double Rainbow

Want to see a hilarious video? Watch this. You will not be disappointed. Almost makes me uncomfortable, but then again I'm laughing too hard to really care.


Paranoid Much?

 When I was little I took what I saw and heard literally. This lead to such intense paranoia that the habits that developed from it are still very much in my life, and it's really annoying. I don't know why but lately I've noticed them quite a bit. These habits aren't easy to break like biting my nails, in fact I think they show the OCD child that I was. Let me give you some prime examples:

Paranoia #1- I never ever will change in front of a mirror or stare in it for too long when I'm by myself. Not because I don't like looking at myself, I actually kind of do (I promise I'm not super vain?), but because after watching the Truman Show when I was 10 I went around for months thinking my life was a hit reality TV show; I guess I didn't want my viewers thinking I was vapid or something? I dunno. I was kind of weird.

Paranoia #2- I have a fear of showers. Not showering, the verb, but the noun. After watching all those scary movies when I was little I feel on edge every time I step into one. I'm either: a) going to get stabbed, b) going to have the girl from The Grudge attack me, or c) have a spider come from the ceiling, bite me, and then die from it's venom. At least there is comfort in knowing that the aliens from Signs die when they have water thrown on them... Maybe I should lay off the movies?

Paranoia #3- I remember being left home alone one night and watching YTV casually while accessorizing polly pockets when Goosebumps came on. It was the worst one of all; the one with the ventriloquist dummy. After that a movie came on where actions figures are actually alive because of some chip the makers put in them (anybody remember that one's name?). I couldn't stop watching, and as time went on I grew more and more afraid. For a long time after that I never neglected any of my toys. I used to pull them all out and make sure I played with each one even for just a few seconds. I remember being crippled with fear that if I didn't play with these toys they would come and scare me at night while I was sleeping. To this day sometimes I look around my room and feel uneasy when I realize I haven't used some of my stuff. Don't worry though, I then realize I'm an adult.

I sound like quite a wack job don't I? I promise I'm normal... I just had an extremely active imagination as a child.
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