Roommate Quote of the Day

"Brooke I need you to do something and it may be a little weird.... I need you to put some pants on me."


The Not-So-Greats and The Greats.

Today was the most average, grey, depressing day ever. Nothing particularly bad happened that I haven't dealt with before but for some reason I was stripped of my enthusiasm. It just fell out of my pocket onto the street, was swept away by traffic, and no I'm too lazy to go look for it. I need a new hobbie; something that makes me exert myself. I think being inside and never moving is getting to me. I actually could cry Justin Timberlake a river right now just because of the fact that my bra strap is tighter on one side than the other. Either it's just one of those days or I'm clinically depressed, but I need to get out of this funk ASAP before this becomes "the story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world". Oh and sorry for all the 90s hits references, it comes with this mood I guess.
 I feel so frustrated with life. I just want to go to a college where my classes are picked for me, do a course that only takes a year, and get on with life and have some fun. The next vacation I'll be going on that I'll be paying purely with my own earned money will be in what... 5 years? I'm having some serious doubts about my career choice. I know I'm meant to be a teacher, we've all heard the great story of my realization, but can't they just hurry it up already? Can I please stop being a freshman? Maybe this is a test, but don't those usually last two hours tops? OR Maybe I'm just being taught to be thankful for what I do have and stop whining. I think that's what I'll do. I'm going to make a list of the greats in my life to pick me up.

1. I am finally in a class where the professor loves me and my writing. oh and bonus, we get to read in british accents to help with the "flow" of the medieval lyrics.
2. I have a wonderful family who accepts me and loves me and would go kamikaze on just about anyone for me.
3. Roommates I've learned to love and care for who have helped me understand certain things in life such as: patience, and forgiveness, and the value of a clean kitchen.
4. Great friends. I feel like I'm surrounded by generally good people. I don't think I have many, if any, friends I wouldn't introduce to my parents.
5. I have the gospel with it's divine truths that are so influential in my life they seem to be embedded in my very soul. It has literally been my rock at school and without it I would be in a tangled web of confusion trying to figure everything that I'm being taught out. It's my greatest blessing.
6. I've travelled parts of the world and I still know that I grew up in one of the best places on Earth. You may call it a bubble negatively, but I personally love bubbles. In nursery at my home ward they have a bubble machine and I'm secretly jealous. And, that had nothing to do with Magrath being a bubble... haha oops. But I'm very happy I grew up close to beautiful mountains, around people who love me and share my standards.
7. I have writing in my life. Honestly I don't know what I would do if I didn't have it. Insanity would most likely occur... It's something so definite to who I am that I can't imagine my life any different. To all those who say English isn't a real major: watch yourself; I will punch you in the throat.
8. I just realized there is still another bag of ham and cheese buns that my mom sent up. I thought I had run out but now my spirits are lifted.



For the past hour I've been sitting on this blog playing with new backgrounds that would maintain my "cozy" feeling I've managed to get, when i realized I'm addicted. I'm so ashamed. I spend way too much time on this blog when it's just my sisters and parents and GRANDMA coming on seeing what I'm doing. I'm sure you guys don't care what it looks like you just want to know what's up. I was a little disappointed in myself for letting this happen when I realized... This is my new phase. Think about it; first it was MSN, then MySpace (which I completely loved because mine was possibly the cutest thing you've ever seen), then Facebook (which still has a strong hold on my heart), and now Blogger. What is there to be in love with next? What else am I going to waste my time on? Maybe the next step is a spouse. Haha don't worry, I also laughed out loud when I read that. No but seriously, I just think it's so interesting how over time these THINGS, i don't even know what to call them (net works?), have taken up more and more of our time. Pretty sure mom would never have been on msn... She'd have thought it useless... But now she's one of my most spoken to Facebook friends. How interesting... But to get away from that thought, I have a funny story.

So Thursday after institute Kate and Sarah came back to my apartment and we were watching Glee. I am addicted. MAYBE THAT'S MY NEW PHASE?! haha. Anyways, we were just relaxing and enjoying the terrible acting when our door creeped a bit open. What the heck? It stopped for a second then ever so slowly opened a bit more. What the heck was happening? We held our breaths. Finally the creepiest guy I've ever seen came through and just stood in our doorway. It was dead silent and he just stared at us. Finally I said: "Do I know you?" He just kinda stood there and then smiled. "Well no, but I live two doors down. Want to come over? We're having a party..." Then Jordan walked in and in a less than polite voice turned to me and said: "Who the crap is this kid?" It was hilarious! After a few minutes of awkward word play he finally got the hint that he was just a creep who had walked into someone's apartment uninvited. Who does that? Seriously.


Je Suis Canadien.

So today I sat in my apartment thinking nothing extraordinary was going to happen, but lo and behold Jordan came home and informed me that the olympic torch was passing just two blocks away from our apartment in about ten minutes! VERY COOL. We ran down there as fast we could as vans full of bands drove by getting everyone pumped up. At first I couldn't make it out while everyone screamed about seeing it, then i realized it was that orange thing low to the ground. Why was it so low? After a while I realized it was a man in a wheel chair and Janna told me he used to play hockey until he got injured and is now paralyzed. It was really cool to see. He looked so happy and it was great to see the streets filled with eager and excited people. I've never felt so patriotic in my whole life, which is embarrassing to admit. On a sad note though, I forgot to wear my olympic gloves there 


an excellent weekend.

First weekend back and I'd have to say it was a success. Let me give you a brief overview and of course, some pictures!
This weekend I:
- went to a basketball game, but mostly heard juicy gossip. shame on me.
- went to a dance and realized, i don't like dances anymore. it was a depressing epiphany.
- ate mcdonalds. snack wrap = love.
- slept in, tried to go to avatar (3rd time's a charm!) but it was sold out for the WHOLE day.
- cleaned like a maniac with brooke.
- went to Galaxyland (pictures below)
- church was lovely.
- broadcast was lovely.
- scones afterwards were especially lovely.

so excited!

cute girls!

the rides were at times far too intense for dear brooke...

      the swings were my favorite

      taken on accident, but I kinda look like a vampire? haha.


so true, so so true.

Oh, and this is just a small preview as to what I'm
up against this semester in my english class.
And yes, that is english.


a new semester, a new start.

 My second semester has begun and so far my spirits are not very high. Yes, my classes today didn't start until 11... but I also don't get to be home until 9:30 tonight. It's a busier schedule but I think maybe this will help me with some motivation. So far I've kept my promise to not go home between classes and I really hope I continue this. PLUS, I've started taking the LRT to the campus instead of walking and my buns are quite happy with my decision. I forgot how cold it really is up here when I went home for the holidays. I feel as though I might freeze if I stand in one position too long and be stuck like that forever. Wish me luck! Oh and on a complete side note... My face is no longer swollen and I don't have to carry an ice pack around with me anymore! :)

my new best friend.


twenty. ten.

So I guess it's 2010. When the crap did that happen? Honestly I swear it was just the other day I was sitting on Mom and Dad's bed watching the countdown for 2000; tangible excitement in the air as we awaited and wondered what the new millenium would bring. Well actually I wasn't all that excited for the millenium, more for the new N64 I'd just gotten. Ok, maybe it was a while ago haha. But to get back on track I pondered this date today. I have to admit I am a little disappointed in man kind. You'd think so far in the future we'd finally have rocket jet packs or at least flying cars (anybody remember that "That 70s Show" episode?). So while criticizing what a loser planet we seem to be I suddenly realized... What have I even done? Honestly, what have I even accomplished the past year? It was a little mind boggling and I found myself distraught. To make myself feel even worse, a few hours later I got asked: "What are your New Years resolutions?" and I have to admit I have never actually set any in my entire life. Not once have I stated what I wanted to accomplish in the next year. So since this blog has opened so new experiences in my life (haha) I've decided to name 5 resolutions, but really only expect to accomplish 2. It doesn't matter what ones it is, I will do them and at least try to accomplish all 5 for the next month. You may think I don't hold high expectations for myself but does anyone remember when I wanted to be a chef and got all that cooking stuff for Christmas? There is your evidence.

New Years Resolutions:

1. I will record one song and show it to more than 5 people. I write all these compositions and things on the piano and never ever show them to anyone. 

2. I'm going to get a job at Chapters and live happily throughout the summer telling people my opinions on the latest great fantasy series. (dream big!)

3. I'm going to run, swim, and bike enough to be able to be a member of a team for the Magrath Triathlon. I've always wanted one of the real t-shirts, not the lame ones the volunteers wear.

4. I will not go home between classes and watch the OC. or sleep. or eat nutella. (Eat nutella during classes, not all together, that would just be wrong.)

5. To actually accomplish one of these resolutions, haha just kidding. I will get over my phobia of parents.
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