Jace Durban Ralph

I have also found a new love, Jace Durban. Oh my word I could not get enough of him yesterday! He just slept and snuggled up right in my arms. He's so adorable! So I of course took pictures of him too. Feel free to snag them Amy!

look at those lips!


Christmas Time

It's so nice to be home. Seriously, I should never go back north. I probably won't be saying that in a few days when my wisdom teeth are out but for now I'm thinking I should just stay forever. 
Christmas was definitely interesting this year with everyone gone except Amy and I. Talan yesterday on skype to Megan and Matt kept saying: "Nobody's here! You should just come over..." I really missed having the family here and so help me someone HAS to be here on Christmas morning next year with me. It feels so weird being alone! And we all know phone calls and skype do not suffice the need to see eachother. Oh well, there's always next year right? But to lighten things up I got a CAMERA this year! woo woo! It was exactly the one I wanted. I didn't think I would because dad had me wrap the one he got for mom and it's the exact same model and I didn't think we'd get the same thing. But little did we both know dad still has some secrecy to him. I went out to the ranch today and took pictures with it.


Almost DONE

I. Hate. Exams.

but on the bright side, I get to come home tomorrow.
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