I'm Kelsey Scott.
That's Scott Anderson.

"Hey, if he took your last name it would be Scott Scott!"

Yes, I know... I've tried to convince him.
Sadly, though, I have taken his last name and cry almost daily over it. 
Have you ever tried to write Anderson in cursive? It's not an easy task.

Where do I start?

We met when we were 17. I walked in on Scott reading "How to Talk to Girls", and from there
 I was smitten. I also didn't stop talking, the poor guy.

We dated for two years, and at one point had a small glimpse of our future.

I will be honest, there is an uncanny resemblance to my grandmother in this picture.

Scott left for two years on a mission, and upon his return wooed me all over again. 
He decided I was wife material, and we got engaged.

Then the next thing I knew I was married!

And now, we're here! Enjoy!

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