How Come...

I was looking up something for school today. I started my question: "How come people..." This is what came up:

It brightened my hump day. 

Oh, and P.S. I dotted (and in one case arrowed) my favourite ones.


First World Pains

Sometimes life is so hard. People just don't understand what I have to go through! Here are some of my troubles I've had to face lately:

1. When my car windows aren't tinted enough and I have to pick my nose as sneakily as I can during a red light hoping the person beside me can't tell.

2. When I'm on the red river and craving my favourite ice cream and it's sold out in the store.

3. Drive-Thrus. They stress me out. I feel like I'm driving through an obstacle course every time. I'm trying  turn the corner, role down my window, grab my money, and turn down the music. Plus, simultaneously rehearsing my order so I don't have to repeat it more than once and can get that stuff in my mouth as quickly as possible.

4. Oh, and don't you hate when the cashier gives you a big pile of change and you can barely hold it in your hands and feel that you have to hurry your very fastest because she's already putting the next customer's things through? I just feel so rushed. Let me organize my wallet in peace!

5. When my sock half falls off my foot but I'm in bed and I just can't find the energy to reach down and fix it so I have to worry about it until I fall asleep.

6. I put my burner on too high today and burnt my grilled cheese sandwich.

7.I never got retweeted by Rainn Wilson when I tweeted him the other day. It was such a waste of a funny line.

8. I made Eggos, got dressed while they were in the toaster, and then forgot about them and had to eat them cold. It just didn't feel right not having the margarine melted before I put the syrup on.

9. My battery is dying while I write this blog post and my charger is across the room.

10. When you're playing on photo booth and you accidentally have it on video.

At least in the first video I'm with someone, but this one is just plain sad.

Oh, and P.S. please note that I am one hundred percent joking in this post... mostly.


Over It

I feel like this year is going to be a big change. I've moved, I've decorated, I've studied more than is natural for a first week, I've cried, I've had sleepovers nearly every night, I've ran, I've spoken up, and, when I really feel like giving myself a treat, I've sprawled out on the couch and watched Love it or List it. For me September is always the big one.  I'm always making goals and cleaning out my closet (and I'm not sorry momma... eminem anyone?) But really I do. This year was the annual cleanse of junk in my life. First up was clothes this year. Usually my mom whisks away old things and I never think about them again but this year she took them to a family that needed them and the next day I had a girl at my door thanking me wearing my bright yellow jacket I used to love. I looked at how excited she was and I just felt so satisfied. As I was thinking about it later a quote came to mind from a conference talk (I can't remember which one?). It goes something like"We all have burdens, but it's our choice whether or not to have baggage". I thought of all the unnecessary "stuff" in my life. I thought of Facebook, which I can't seem to let go haha, and texting, and, as much as it pains me to say, the TLC channel. I decided that I was going to, over time, delete these things from my life and that I'm going to do great things this year. I'm going to ace my Shakespeare class even though originally I had no hope... Who am I kidding I still don't have any. I'm going to speak up to those when I feel I should. I'm going to be studious. Like, really really studious. I'm going to be opinionated in the right moments and silent too. I'm going to stay active and be happy. I'm going to get rid of things that don't add value to my life. I'm going to finally do what I want to do and what I feel I should do because frankly sometimes I look back at my life and can't get over the depressing feeling that at some points I really wasted it. So, as both The Hills characters and I like to say:

 "I'm over it."

And I'm moving onto things that are actually going to make my life worth living.

Oh, and P.S. sorry for this cheesy post. I blame it on all the ink shedding I've done in class lately. Here's an even cheesier quote to go along with this. :) haha.


Crafty Cat

A summer description via phone pictures:

I was in a fake relationship for a whole day. My popularity went through the roof!

I tried to make a sculpture of janna.

Kelseys w/ braces!

I whipped out the double donkey.

I sat here a lot.

I was in a triathlon! Ok, ok, so I watched one. It kinda counts?

I hiked twice the whole summer haha. And my legs looked weird?

I grew to hate auto correct.

I wanted that thing around this ladies license. "Peace, Love, & Kittiness"

I showed off my assets in Idaho.

I became a baby whisperer.


I finger painted allllll day.

I visited Edmonton.

I painted children's faces.

I took pictures of Mitch's unnaturally long leg hair. Sorry you had to see this.

I made a little owl!

I bought these books for $27, regularly $80. Holla!

I took a picture of all us girls with fake red hair.

I said bye to my bud.

And then today I did a whole bunch of nothing:

I drew a bike.

I drew some bird cages and trees.

And then I drew a bike on a map.

I was really proud of myself. I am the least artistic person you'll ever meet so this was big.

It’s time for me to say goodbye to Southern Alberta. I always have mixed feelings this time of year. I can’t wait to go off and feel productive, but I also miss all the great food company at home. Today it rained and it was a nice little farewell gift I think; that kind of weather is my favorite. This was my last summer at home (hopefully?).  Next summer I’ll be in school and by the one after that hopefully I’ll have a job and be living somewhere else, or preferably in another country travelling while I wait for the next school year to start. Here’s to dreaming? Haha.

 Goodbye Magrath. You are the cutest little town, even if you have really bad mosquitoes and really crappy roads. You have been good to me this summer.

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