Day Three: Eight Ways

Eight Ways To Win My Heart

I didn't realize how picky I am until I started writing this. For all you boys out there, though I doubt there are any, who want to figure out how to win me over all you need is this:

1. A combover. My poor boyfriends who have to endure me begging them to do a combover our whole relationship. I don't know what it is about it but I can't resist a well done cutesy combover. I love them. Always have, always will.
2. If you can play a musical instrument you already have a greater chance than most out there. If you like to sing while you play and sound nice, then you have a groupie. That groupie is me incase that wasn't clear haha.
3. Surprise me!
4. Have green eyes. Oh baby.
5. If you can have a deep, intelligent talk with me then you've basically sealed the deal. If it can be gospel related then that's even better.
6. Have skinny legs. I don't know why, but I love them.
7. Make me laugh and give it back when I tease. I would say this is the most important one because I have a very distinct sense of humour.
8. Be Christian Bale... or his doppelganger.

If you're wondering if anyone can come close to such a list... Then I'll give you the closest candidate.

This kid.


  1. Seriously when I was reading these I was thinking you were just listing things about Scott.:)

  2. i can see the resemblance...scott and christian bale that is...ya?

  3. Sue said:
    Oh no Kels - now all the boys will have it all figured out how to win your heart.
    Beware of counterfeiters (?)
    I hope no one compares to Scott..
    Love you

  4. I am catching up ready your blog. and I have to say I love comb-overs too! There is just something about them that is irresistible.


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