Safety for the Soul

"But, behold, I have all things as a testimony that these things are true; and ye also have all things as a 
testimony unto you that they are true; and will ye deny them? Believest thou that these things are true?"

Most definitely my favorite general conference talk was by Jeffrey R. Holland entitled Safety for the Soul. Amazing. Watch it if you can. Just look at his face while he speaks and there's no denying he knows what he knows. It's amazing the spirit his one, strong founded testimony can bring. So can yours! I encourage everyone to bear theirs this next fast sunday. You'll be amazed the immediate blessings! I really don't mean to sound preachy i promise I'm going somewhere with this. I was feeling very out of place at my new YSA ward. Everyone was getting callings, the bishop didn't even know my name, and I found it hard to fit in. One sunday I had prayed and studied my scriptures and asked heavenly father to help me to enjoy church again. So that sacrament meeting as everyone went up to bear their testimony I was literally lifted off my seat (I'm not even kidding!) and all the sudden pouring out my own personal testimony. It was so great because not only was I reminded that what was important was the gospel I also, last sunday, got a calling :) 

To see the talk press on Safety for the Soul in this blog or if that doesn't work try: http://www.lds.org/conference/sessions/display/0,5239,23-1-1117,00.html
you're going to have to search a little bit for it

Hearken unto these words and believe in Christ.. (2 Nephi 33:10).



So today i woke up a bit late. My class was at 9:30 and the time on my clock was 9:12, meaning I had about three minutes to leave my apartment and be on time. So as quickly as possible I ran to the bathroom, threw my hair into a pony, on went a headband, brushed my teeth and i was ready. I realized then... why couldn't i see anything? oh yeah, my glasses. I put those on along with a big hoodie and out the door I went at exactly 9:16. I thought it quite impressive. I went to my class but this time we watched a movie so it was really dark and peaceful. I quite enjoyed it! On the walk home though, I noticed a substantial amount of people staring at me. Did I have toothpaste all over my lips? I quickly licked around them and there didn't seem to be anything. I almost immediately forgot about it and got to the apartment. As i poured myself some cereal I felt my nose tingling. Oh dear, please say I'm not getting a cold. I walked to the bathroom, blew my nose, then looked into the mirror.

I had forgotten to wash off my facial mask and had been wearing it all morning.


I don't really know what this one is about...

Two major things have happened today:

1) Megan has turned 24. Today is her birthday and I want her to know, whenever she may read this, that I love her dearly. Also, sorry Angie I didn't do this for you. You know I love you I just completely forgot to think of writing it on my blog. But Megan for my birthday gift I give you this hideous picture of me. I know you love Harry Potter and it's my belief I look exactly like Professor Trelawney.

2) I am completely stress free. It's like I've never felt this way before, like it's true love! I have fallen in love with relaxation.
Today I woke up and went to all my classes and during my final class of the day not only was I let out a half hour early but... wait for it... our term paper due THIS friday was extended until the 30th. a whole 21 more days to be exact. it is a true feeling of peace. I also don't have school for the next two days and have some wonderful things planned :) Which I will inform you all of at a later time I don't want to spoil it. But as a hint let me just say: you might poop your pants from laughing so hard when you see it.
Also, mom and dad are in Mexico and I'm very jealous of them. Aren't we all? But just think of all the little trinkets mom will think she HAS to buy. Especially for the babies! they'll probably have a whole Mexican attire after this next week. I can't wait to come home this friday and see what they got! Or maybe they just completely forgot about their family and had the time of their lives? let's hope not. ok... maybe a little let's hope for that. Just because they deserve it :)


The Accident!

Well I think it’s time to finally write down the day of my accident. I’m sure you’re all wondering what happened that terrible evening ya? Let us commence.
The whole day had been pretty normal and I was sitting in our living room when I looked up and remembered I had institute. Jordan and Ashley were both gone and Brooke goes to another class so I didn’t want to walk there all by myself and walk home late at night. So I jumped into my car and headed over and the lesson was amazing. I felt the spirit so strong! And I’m proud to say I even gave my input on a topic! Which, for your information, is super intimidating to do at YSA. Especially with all the returned missionaries who are so well equipped in the gospel and always have deep insight into everything.
So after the class we were all sitting around talking and Janna mentioned that Grey’s Anatomy was on tonight and they wanted to watch it. I was so excited! Since of course I am in love with Patrick Dempsy and such. I mean seriously his nickname is MCDREAMY. But then I remembered I had institute choir right then… dang! So I decided I would go and sing for about 45 mins then rush over to Janna’s in time to see it. So I sang along and enjoyed it thoroughly. Seriously, the choir is amazing up here. Everyone who’s in it are people who just absolutely love music so they’re very serious and do everything they’re instructed to do and our instructor is just the most musical guy in the world. WE’RE SO GOOD. I encourage mother and father to come up here to get me and see our Christmas concert. It’s going to be absolutely amazing!
But anyways so I noticed it was time to go and right as I’m walking out of the door I get a text from Janna saying that Grey’s had actually started an hour earlier than I thought so it was almost over. I was heartbroken so I headed back into the institute building to finish the choir practice. After we were all just sitting around talking and then one of the boys came and invited me, bethy, and Sarah over to watch the new office episode. Of course I agreed with it being my favorite show… So I told Sarah and Bethy to just hop in with me and we’d head over to their house first then if we felt up to it over to that guy’s house. We slid into my car and were laughing and just listening to music. Bethy said something absolutely hilarious (which I don’t remember) and I turned to her and said: “oh my you deserve a handshake to that one!” and then reached over and we shook hands. Then bethy was like: “nah you gotta do it like this!” so I turned over to see what she was tying to show me and then all the sudden I just see her head fly forward. I didn’t know what happened. The next thing I remember was looking around and my car was filled with smoke and Sarah groaning in the background… Supposedly Bethy was screaming at the top of her lungs but I don’t remember anything. I slowly took off my seltbelt, opened my door, and just stood outside. My first thoughts were: “My dad is going to kill me, and this is going to cost a lot of money.” I just stared at the ground then finally it clicked in… I had hit someone. So I looked forward and the lady in front of me was completely in shock too. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” she screamed and then I just felt nauseous. Everything started spinning and I had to lean on my car because I was getting sick. I don’t really remember anything next before kind of snapping back into reality and I was sitting on the side of the road on the curb looking across the street. Bethany and Sarah instantly grabbed me and we quickly huddled together and said a prayer. After that I didn’t freak out NEARLY as much. I did laugh hysterically though. I didn’t know how to handle the situation! And for some reason the fact that I almost nearly died was the funniest thing I’d ever heard. Bethy and Sarah joined in too and we just stood there for a good twenty minutes laughing and crying. My emotions were just everywhere! I laughed and laughed and then I’d stop and just start bawling. The people in the other cars must’ve thought we were crazy!!

It was quite amazing though because as we stood talking to each other (this was after our emotions calmed down and the shock wore off) we began to realize just how lucky we were. Sarah wasn’t wearing a seatbelt in the back seat but the biggest injury she had gotten out of the whole thing was a sprained pinky from squeezing her phone so tight and Bethany somehow got out of the car on her side. Let me explain that; the door opened about three inches and then was unable to open anymore… Three firefighters had to use a huge clamp and pull with all their might just to open it a little bit more. So we were all a little bit in shock how she managed that… No one could believe how ok we were! We constantly had paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and any people walking by asking how we were possibly alive. They could not get over how we just walked out of that… After a while let me tell you it got quite tedious to explain just how lucky we were, just to give you an idea of how many times it got mentioned.
But to cut the story short we dealt with everything and the police officers and everyone were fantastic and understanding and incredibly patient. I even got some parts of my ticket taken off because they felt so bad for me! (But we won’t mention how much it still was L) But I am so lucky to be perfectly healthy! We went back to Bethany and Sarah’s after cleaning out the car and Miken came and got me. She had no idea it was so bad because in all the hectic of it we had failed to call any of our roommates and tell them what was going on. My roommates didn’t even care; I think Jordan was the only one who actually reacted. It was funny; she was QUITE angry with me having to hear about it from Janna. Which is of course understandable.
The next day all us girls got together again and we went to a football game and a dance and it was absolutely hilarious. We were so sore! We looked robotic. Me and Bethany went to get hot chocolate at halftime of the game and could barely make it up the stairs we almost had to call on the boys we were with to help us those last few steps… At the dance later that night it was the coolest thing ever! The boy’s basement was completely cleared out and there were mirrors on all the walls so it seemed absolutely gigantic to be dancing around there! One of the most fun parties I’ve been to up here. I was also hopped up on very strong painkillers he’d given me so I was quite content! I had zero pain so I decided I would enjoy it as wholeheartedly as I could. And boy did I ever! Not going to lie, I was a little bit the life of the party. Ha-ha but I won’t go into too much detail (don’t worry mother I didn’t do anything disrespectful towards myself or others). And it turned out the dancing actually helped and I felt a thousand times better the next day! It was great!! But that’s basically my whole car story… and this blog is getting a tad bit too long.
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