Oh My Barf

Dear DRMA class,

That girl who was dry-heaving throughout the whole final over her papers? That was me. I'm sorry you had to see me throw up in the garbage and then wonder where I was as I nearly passed out in the bathroom and threw up some more. Looks like constantly saying "Oh my barf" became quite literal for me. I blame the booster juice I had yesterday... Or maybe the spoonful of cinnamon... Or possibly the junior bacon cheeseburger (I'm so healthy). Oh, and professor? I really appreciate that you just smiled at me through it all and simply said, "well, good luck!" You have a heart of gold. To defend myself this is what I'd been like for the past day. 

My sincerest apologies,

Your Classmate

Oh, and P.S. I ended up getting through the test if anyone's wondering. I just wanna give a shout out to everyone who pampered me and let me have some of their drugs; I feel a little better today. I'm also having a bitter sweet moment in my life because I'm moving home tomorrow. I will miss you Edmonton! You have been good to me.

Cyaaaaaa! Wouldn't wanna be ya me? 


I Got A Fever.

I feel like I never have a theme to my posts, I more just have things I want my mom to know about. This post can be about fevers (the christopher walken kinda feva!).

 This is what I've got a fever for lately:

1. I've got a creative fever and the only prescription was the shirts we made for kicks last weekend. Next up, a pant suit.

This is Chris, he's single ladies.
Insert your own thought for the blowfish.
Cutesy, right? I love narwhals ?
If you don't know what this shirt is talking about.. Look here. Classic.

Having Chris draw Christopher Walken on his shirt only days after my uhh... "special" dream, only one word came to mind: destiny. A sign that I need to get in contact with him and build a solid relationship. Maybe I should write the guy a letter or something; we could be pen pals! Or maybe I can be his young friend who's always causing havoc like off Dennis the Menace and he secretly loves me and ends up saving my life? Minus the overalls and chic-let teeth of course. It would be legendary.

2. I've got a fever for my favourite tunes and the only prescription is Genius. This is my study playlist today. 

3. I've got a stress fever and the only prescription is... less stress? Remember once upon a time I said I was becoming a "go with the flow" kinda gal? Well it seems that was just a fling, not a long term relationship. I am back to my old self and usually with stress comes the inability to sleep (no joke I was averaging 3 hours last week). One night after being fed up with such I took a sleeping pill and then forgot I needed to go straight to bed. I don't really remember anything other than texting a bunch of randoms and being really emotional. In the morning I found that I had texted Scott "ruff ruff"... like a puppy. Good news though, I'm done tomorrow! HALLELUJAH.

4. I've got a winter fever and the only prescription is summer. Bridge jumping, hiking, Magrath Days (everyone come support our town! haha), rollerblading, putting dead fish in Janna's house, the whole works you guys! Probably minus the dead fish though... That might have been a one time thing.

5.  I've got an annoyance fever and the only prescription is for me to be done with my calling. Is that bad? I'm just really sick of being a ward group leader... Can I just say really quick it's not necessary to have hour and a half meetings after church every sunday? Especially when in reality we could do them in a half hour. gah!

And that's all I can think of for now.

Oh, and P.S. wanna see what I had to do this weekend after I lost in silent football? Worst experience of my life. My face at the end is the saddest thing you'll ever see. 

Untitled from Kelsey Scott on Vimeo.


Expectations Vs. Reality

If dating had mastery levels, I would be an amateur, but for some reasons I can't help but feel like giving advice today. Buckle down matey!

I'm not one to give sympathy out easily. Once I give all of my sympathy and advice to a friend I tend to back off if they're not using it. If I feel like I'm not making them any better, and they're only making me worse I just remove myself from the situation. So since I've removed myself from some, I'm giving my last two cents on this blog. 

In the past while I've had a few friends who have dated, and had their hearts broken, over boys that were illusions. To quote my favourite movie Sabrina: "Illusions are a dangerous thing, they have no flaws." I always wondered, how are these girls not seeing what I'm seeing? He's an idiot, he isn't worthy of her, he doesn't treat her well. I think it was because I wasn't in the fantasy with them. I didn't see the boy for only the good parts like she did. It wasn't until after watching 500 Days of Summer this week (about 4 times so far haha) that I realized it was because their expectations weren't matching their reality. 

They would build up an idea in their head. They would be able to change him. He was just going through a phase in his life and would treat her better once he wasn't so stressed out. And, my least favourite, their problems would go away once they got married. Man, sometimes I just wanna ultimate punch other girls in the face. Those are great expectations and sometimes giving the person the benefit of the doubt is a good thing, but in reality it's successful 2% of the time when dating like that. Yesterday I was talking to someone who's opinion I think very highly of. As we were talking about dating he brought up the idea of dating a phantom. They are not reality; these girls are dating boys in their head and not the one right in front of them because they don't want to admit what he is. The danger with such is that way as a couple they won't actually know each other, they will only know the idea of each other. He told me: "Sister Scott, for a successful relationship you need differences, but those differences need to be healthy and they need to be beneficial to the relationship." Listen here readers, if you're differences are toxic and irreconcilable get out. If he is not willing to change and you feel that you changing yourself holds back your progress then you thank him for the experience and move onto bigger and better things. Don't think that you have to ever make exceptions for someone that is not worthy of you. As he asked me about boyfriends I told him I couldn't compare them, because it wasn't fair. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Well how are you ever going to know if he's what you like if he's the only one your referencing to?" You have every right to compare, you have every right to decide what you like, and you have every right to decide what you don't like and stick to it. Everyone should decide on a reasonable standard that their future spouse needs to live up to and hold to it. Finally an analogy from my elderly friend,

"No Italian feels just one cantaloupe and then buys it. There needs need to be a comparison so you can tell what's good and what's not. You can't just put up with the one when there might be a better one to have."

I'm not Italian, but I agree with his words. Don't settle with what you have. Go and see what's out there so that you can either find something a little more appealing or you can see that what's right in front of you is the perfect cantaloupe, because someday the dream of being in love is going to be a reality and we're all going to have to make a pretty big decision. If we know him before hand, we will get to welcome reality with a handshake and a "hey how are ya?" but if we ignore reality and continue living in a fantasy it's going to welcome itself by crashing down on us; that doesn't sound too appealing does it? 

If you don't know if you're relationship is right, my dear friend gave me three things to do to help make sure:

1. Do something domestic. (e.x. go grocery shopping, or wash the car together. He says if he comments on everything you buy negatively, that's a red flag.)
2. Talk about expectations you have for the relationship and expectations you have for yourself and how together you're going to make them a reality.
3. Honesty. Be honest at all times with each other in everything you do.

Welp, that was exhausting. I promise I'll keep the advice to myself for a while.


Awesomely Awkward

Top 5 awkward (and maybe a little bit awesome) events in my life lately:

5. Me trying to look like I'm from the 50s, red lipstick included. I can't pull it off...

4. Helping pin Kennedy's dress and basically molesting her in the process because I'm so bad at it.

3. Going on a late night drive around Edmonton last night in hopes of seeing a "lady of the night" (aka prostitute)

2.5 The fact that I'm watching Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights on tv as I'm writing this... oops?

2. Dancing so aggressively at Color Night last night that I woke up this morning with a sore back. Direct quote from a friend: "I saw the true nerd come out of you at that dance..."

1. Having a dream about Christopher Walken two nights ago.... we made out.

Side note though, we all looked really colourful and springy! I think winter has finally left!

Oh, and P.S. I deactivated my facebook account. Craaaaazy. So I'm sorry for the overload of pictures that will most likely occur on this blog now.


You've Had A Birthday...

Like my new banner? I'm feeling very nautical lately. My eyes are constantly being caught by navy and white striped clothing and I keep looking online for boat shoes... so I went with a lighthouse I took a picture of in Victoria. Cutesy right? It makes me seem like I'm all artsy and junk. I'm not. Anyways, it's finals. I am a stress case and so to keep myself sane I've been looking forward to the next exciting event on my calendar, my barfday! It's in a month... but there's nothing wrong with planning ahead, right?

Lemme say something about birthdays. I have a pretty rocky relationship with mine, but since I'm turning 20 (finally!) I feel like I should give it the benefit of the doubt this year. Why the hate you ask? I'll explain.

Exhibit #1: As a child my birthday dinner my mom would have was almost better than the gifts. Whatever I wanted, no questions asked, was what I got. Ice cream cake? Sure! Pork roast and baby carrots? Of course! Brussels sprouts? Don't even think about it. It was the single greatest feast of the year. As everyone would come over we'd prepare for dinner and I would watch as my mom would bring out the DQ cake that usually had some kind of cat on it. This was the the big bang at the end of the event and my heart would yearn as I guessed how many boyfriends I would have after blowing out the candles. I secretly always hoped for more rather than less, even if I was only 7 at the time.

After we all gorged ourselves, everyone started singing the birthday song and my mom placed the masterpiece made by qualified professionals (haha) in front of me. I learned over, taking the deepest breath I could but also kind of hoping that it wasn't enough to blow out all the candles, when out of nowhere I was frantically pulled away from the cake to have my head smacked over and over. At first I smelled it, the same smell as when I tried to curl my Barbie's hair with a real curling iron. Then I saw it; I had lit my hair on fire.

This continued to happen for 2 more years after that. Needless to say it put fear in my heart every year that my bangs would some how come out of their headband or my pony tail would fall forward and this time no one would be there in time to save my head of blonde hair.

Exhibit #2: Birthday parties. I hated them/ loved them. There was one I will never forget that has left me scarred to this day. My mother had planned a relay race like none other. There was water, there were balloons, basically every fun thing a child enjoys was incorporated in. I had watched her all day with my sisters get it ready and I was eager to start. I ran inside while everyone lined up to grab my shoes and came out. Naturally, since it was my birthday, I walked to the front of the line. This was my party, and it would go how I wanted it! I can't remember which one of my girlfriends it was, but she whined that I had budged (what a party pooper!) and pushed me to the back of the line. I went to the authority figure, my mom, and ordered her to make the girl let me be in the front. My mom shook her head and uttered the words, "Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean you get to be rude." Talk about a dagger to the heart. My eyes welled up and I ran into the house hysterical, barely believing my mother had taken someone's side other than my own. The nerve! I flung myself on the bed, sobbed as loudly as I could, and demanded angrily to the heavens that I be given a replacement parent (I was really melodramatic ok?). I continued like this for quite sometime...

Suddenly though, I sat up and realized I had fallen asleep. I frantically looked at the clock to see for how long. It was late, and the house was silent. I looked in the backyard; it was empty. I had missed my own party. Why hadn't anyone come to wake me?! This couldn't be true. I jumped up and ran to the living room. There I beheld a horrible sight. Not only were there plates with remains of ice cream cake on them... But there were bits of paper everywhere. Those little jerks not only had my party without me, they had opened my presents too (WHO DOES THAT)! The ultimate betrayal. Needless to say I haven't been able to relax at a birthday party since, I always make sure I'm well rested before, and I watch my presents like a hawk.

This year though, it's going to be different. I'm putting that behind me along with the teen numbers! If any of you are wondering how to make this year extra special and help me get over my issues here are 3 things I would really like:

Is that too much to ask? I don't think so.

Oh, and P.S. Please excuse the drama. I feel very passionate today.


Video Killed The Radio Star

I feel like my blog is boring. Should I just delete this thing? I'm really starting to consider it. Anyways, today is a day of videos! I'm gonna show you two I've been watching recently.

1. I made this one for my DRMA class for an assignment. I was originally just supposed to take a few days and tape people around me and see what their reactions were so I could write a paper about how one changes when put on a public device or something equally as boring as that, but I ended up not being able to stop getting over how funny it was to sneak up on one of the girls with a camera (haha... creepy?). I wasn't allowed to tell my roommates why I was video taping them and I also had to try to be as secretive about doing it as possible... Let's just say I learned that secrets aren't my forte; I usually just started laughing. So yesterday I found this and noticed I had lots of other clips I could put on it that were random and ended even putting it to a song. It's really poorly done but I just want everyone to see how cute my roommates are! We're looking for a girl to fill a spot this spring if you're interested! :) haha... See how I snuck that last part in there?

DRMA 102- Reactions from Kelsey Scott on Vimeo.

2. I don't have an explanation for this one, just a question. What the eff is with the deer legs at the end? I'm so confused. Weirdest video ever... and I like how they slip in the sunglasses advertisement in the end. So subtle! Watch it here.

Oh, and P.S. I am loooovin' this weather!
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