No Phone = Sad Kelsey

My world has been turned upside down. Yesterday around 8 o' clock, my phone was lost/stolen/dropped and destroyed. I'm betting stolen because the little beggar knew to turn it off. Can I just say how sad I am? How lost and afraid I feel? This morning as I looked up the number for Telus (which is probably my big mistake right there in signing with them) I realized without my phone I can't call anyone. Last night as I was getting ready for bed I realized, I don't have an alarm clock. Earlier last evening as I realized my phone really was gone three thoughts came to mind at the reality of it never returning to me: 

1. All my hard work on my games is gone and I can't do my crosswords for the next day. (I was in shock, ok?!)

2. What if someone needs to get a hold of me right now. What if they were dying? What if the world was going to end if I didn't answer my phone with my own voice that very moment?! What if, you guys.

3. I have to go buy a phone out of my own pocket. Frig. I'm pretty sure my parents aren't going to regift this one...

During all my freak outs I finally got a text from my mom to a friend.

"Tell Kelsey not to worry; it's just a phone."

I hate it when she's right, I rather enjoyed throwing a tantrum and bawling over a piece of plastic for that time. 

Anyways, I'm off to go deal with this problem with a real person rather than over the phone (ewwwww!). Lack of technology makes me have to talk to people :(.  

Oh, and P.S. prepare yourselves for my halloween costume! It will be, if I do say so myself, legit.


Cool Cauliflower

I could eat pizza everyday, every meal, for probably the rest of my life. The problem with that though, is that neither my body nor my wallet can seem to afford to eat it so much. So after some looking around I've found the golden egg of pizzas! Behold, the cauliflower pizza:

example from the website.

mine, haha. I didn't really make a crust because I wasn't feeling it and decided to add mushrooms and chicken!

The crust is made from "rice"'d cauliflower, egg, and cheese! Isn't that sweet? It's only 100 calories a serving as opposed to the usual 400. Plus, it tastes great!

  • 1 cup cooked, riced cauliflower
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • ½ teaspoon crushed garlic
  • ½ teaspoon garlic salt
  • olive oil (optional)
  • pizza sauce, shredded cheese and choice of your toppings*

To "rice" the Cauliflower: Take 1 large head of fresh cauliflower, remove stems and leaves, and chop the florets into chunks. Add to food processor and pulse until it looks like grain. Do not over-do pulse or you will puree it. (If you don't have a food processor, you can grate the whole head with a cheese grater). Place the riced cauliflower into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 8 minutes. There is no need to add water, as the natural moisture in the cauliflower is enough to cook itself. One large head should produce approximately 3 cups of riced cauliflower. The remainder can be used to make additional pizza crusts immediately, or can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week.

To Make the Pizza Crust:
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. In a medium bowl, stir together 1 cup cauliflower, egg and mozzarella. Add oregano, crushed garlic and garlic salt, stir. Transfer to the cookie sheet, and using your hands, pat out into a 9" round. Optional: Brush olive oil over top of mixture to help with browning.
  3. Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.
  4. Remove from oven.
  5. To the crust, add sauce, toppings and cheese. Place under a broiler at high heat just until cheese is melted (approximately 3-4 minutes).
*Note: Toppings need to be precooked since you are only broiling for a few minutes.



These Are My Confessions

My confession is that the only time I blog is when I'm taking a break from studying. There, I said it! I rarely think about what I'm going to say! You've caught me! I am really boring!

Ok, that wasn't a confession. Let's think of it more as an excuse for my lack of originality and excitement. I wish I could tell you I have something up my sleeve but I don't have anything to excite you and entice you and... (another 'e' word that goes along with that) you... Exhilarate? Nailed it!

So, It was my sister's birthday this week. Happy Birthday Angie! Since I don't have facebook these days I don't have any other way of being publicly thankful for my mother birthing her. For some reason Angie is the sister I remember the most as a child. Weird, right? It's scary how little I remember. I remember her taking me shopping and buyng me my favourite outfit, sitting in her apartment and watching Fried Green Tomatoes, and when she had Konner and he was a really big baby and it scared me so much I vowed to myself that day I would be at least eighteen before I had one. Still going strong without one! haha. Anyways I love my little Ang, she is the sweetest lady around. Look how cute she is! She's artistic, thoughtful, and someone you wish was pocket size so you could carry them around with you.

haha.. I love Ryker's face in the front. 
Something else I've been thinking a lot about lately is criticism. Living in a house of six girls I can't even tell you the amount of "observations" we make every day.

 "Look at this picture on Facebook, she has gained so much weight."
"I bet it's from the break up."
"I wonder why he broke up with her?"
"She was probably a psycho, I mean from what I've seen."

(that was a hypothetical conversation... just in case you were wondering.)

Come on, admit it, we've all been guilty. I'm guilty a lot. So last night as I was thinking about this I also thought how regularly I criticize. I kept thinking about all the negative things I'm saying every single day and then the phrase I've heard my whole life came to mind. 

Fake it 'til you make it. 

That sounds like an instant failure right? How can someone become a nice person if it's not genuinely from the heart? Well I'll give you a far-fetched example.

I'm in an Educational Psychology class about education and society. I have about 60-80 pages a day of readings just for the class and if you don't do the them you will, guaranteed, fail it. The text is really really dry and is packed full with case studies and stats, and I can honestly say that I was almost in physical pain the entire time I did those readings. One day I decided that I was going to psych myself out of hating this class. "I love educational psychology! This stuff is so interesting!" I would tell myself everyday before I'd crack open the pages. When I'd come to a case study I would say to myself, "This is so interesting! I never knew that had such an effect on blah blah blah!" I was constantly boosting myself. Whenever I'd have a chance I would talk about this class with anyone so that by teaching it I would learn it better (side note: you retain 98% of all that you teach. So if you're studying grab someone and start teaching it to them). I would sound super excited and try to make them interested in the material just so I would in return be interested. I felt retarded at first because I knew deep down I hated this material more than I hated toe socks, but suddenly over the past month I've gone from a deep hate to really enjoying this class. I wish I could write a whole blog post just on what I've learned. I've come to love ed psych, even if I had to trick myself into it.

Going from that, there are a lot of people I really just do not like. Everyone has that kind of person that annoy them to no end. I know I'm definitely that to some people. The key I think though is to psych yourself out. "Ok, she annoys me but she can be really good at... and I like this and this." Just fake it until you make it. Look for the good in people and in situations until you can finally see it without effort. You cannot become something until you at first try being it.

Alright, that's all my thoughts for today. 



This is a thanksgiving post. I'm always a day late on this kinda stuff and I've tried to avoid this since most posts around this time fall under this category but I just can't help myself so if you're sick of this stuff you can stop reading. Also, I've come to realize that I'm a very visual teacher so bear with me and all of my pictures. 

I'm thankful for:

great friends.

a cute family

Jordan reminding me of that one time I aspired to be a rapper.

Old pictures... what's on my head?

When old people forget to take the tag off their sunglasses and wear them around. If you look really closely you can see me snapping the pic. I'm so stealth!

On a more serious note I've been really grateful lately for worthy priesthood holders. I'm so glad my friends have married wonderful guys in the temple who love and respect them. I'm grateful for a wonderful dad and just the wonderful men in general around me. 

...I'm also grateful for sweet potatoes and my mom's oatmeal cookies.

Oh, and P.S. Should I do this? I'm about 90% serious.


Warning: A Boring Post

I don't really know what to say today I just feel like I need to blog. Does anybody else feel like they have that looming cloud over them that they need to produce a funny, original blog post? I do. Well today's gonna be a disappointment. The sky is overcast and my furnace doesn't work so I'm feeling rather lethargic-- not to mention I just ate a dozen cookies so I'm a little sick too.

A song I've loved for a while that I can't get out of my head today:

For some reason this always makes me want to write a sad little love song. Shout out to the Smart girls who introduced me to the Stars a long time ago; I first heard them in your basement.

And a movie I can't get out of my head:
Great show.

And a trailer I can't get out of my head:

Something I am dying to see. HERE.

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