As friends we have always been obsessed with making videos, specifically music videos. About twice a year I remember that we once made an epic one for 7 things by Miley Cyrus and it's like seeing it for the first time. I don't know if I'm the only one who enjoyed this or something but I can't stop laughing through the whole thing. Maybe it's the serious faces, Janna's dance moves or Katie's fake cry at the end, but I can't get over this video. Enjoy!

Recently I showered then went straight to bed. This is never a good idea because I wake up with my hair all over the place. This time around was especially awesome because my hair formed a horn like thing. The laaaaaast unicorn (haha anybody? anybody? nevermind...). Anyways I wanted to take a picture of it but I suck at taking pictures of myself. I also thought maybe if I smiled it would cancel out some of the ugly factor..? haha nope. I just look like a tool.

 I was really tired.

Oh and P.S. speaking of youtube videos I used to love. Here's a favorite homemade music video by two chinese boys. 


Butt Lifts and BE Verbs

Man, all I ever do is complain on this thing, and I'm not going to stop. Rants are in store for today. This goes to show how uneventful my life really is when these are my two biggest worries...

The other day I had a friend go to pinch my bum and they couldn't. It's that flat ladies and gentlemen that there was nothing to grab. This saddens me deeply; I am a lover of curves. When I sing "I like big butts", I mean it. When I see girls who look like real women I secretly hate them, well almost. When I hear girls complain about them, I want to ask to share the wealth (haha). On a daily basis I wish for what so many girls want to get rid of.

 Anyways, I went to my trusty friend google and inquired: How to fix a flat bum. I'm not joking. Whilst browsing through some workouts this came up, and I'm so glad I found it. I found this little treasure here. This beauty flattens the tummy whilst also lifting the bottom. Too bad it's the least attractive thing a woman could put on her body. I will be honest when I say I considered buying one, and not just for a good laugh, but I decided there are better things out there to spend my money on, like a gym membership? Needless to say when I went to visit one yesterday I did a lot of squats and lunges.

My other concern is that my grammar class is seriously kicking my embarrassingly flat butt. For all of those out there who have read this thing from the beginning I'm sorry to have put you through my incomplete sentences and improper use of semicolons. It will never happen again I promise. But anyways today while I sat there, eyes glazing over and brain dying, as my prof moaned on and on about past perfect conditional verb phrases, I realized something. This is the dumbest language in the entire world. Who made up these rules? Why in heavens name can't indefinite pronouns be plural? Do I always have to say his/her instead of theirs? I hate it. Not to mention a tenth of our language is taken from other languages. We're just a bunch of mooching shmucks who can't seem to make up their mind when it comes to sentence slots and parts of speech. Can every rule just be set without an exception? And don't even get me started on trying to decipher the colloquial language we speak every day. My friend Jared is considering going to school in Mexico and I thought he was crazy... but now as I sit here, joining him sounds like a lovely idea.

Oh, and P.S. Janna isn't really dating Scott. The poor girl had to deal with a day full of phone calls and texts just because of my teasing. Sorry Jan, I love you! In other news, here's a funny picture of what's up at our house. hahaha. I love it.
The swear really puts fear into your hearts, eh?


This Sunday

Saturday, I went to Ice On Whyte for the first time. I loved it! 

the two love birds :)

there was an ice slide! how sweet is that? please be sure to click on this and check out sarah's face.

Sunday, I had a two hour nap, filled the house with smoke trying to make dinner, and did this:


I'm so productive in life.

Oh, and P.S. I like this song this week. Tears for Fears remake? yep.


Okay, I'm done with that challenge. I'm not going to pretend people actually care what my "4 turn ons" are. Supaaaa gay. So instead here's just one big dump of random rants and raves, mmm k?


First off, watch this video. Some guys up here dressed as gorillas and ran down Whyte Ave. This was a while ago but sometimes I watch it when I'm bored and I felt it should be shared. Can I just say I love this city and the people I know in it? Especially when one of the guys in that same video, Steve Guenther, drops by our house randomly with a loaf of bread he'd made just to be nice.
Oh and don't mind the mattresses, there was a sleepover in the living room.

What guy makes bread you ask? Only an exceptional one. Man, I love my guy friends.
Did I mention they came over bearing gifts again the other day? Too bad this time it was this instead:

Yep, a giant icicle. 

And they put it in the fridge freezer and scared Linds half to death when she opened the door and it came crashing down on her. There were no injuries.
In other news, Brigitte Russell dyed my hair blonde and I love it and Meg came to visit; it was really great. I love my sister! She is the cutest. She also gave me these cute earrings. 

Random right? Oh well, I like them. Feel free not to. You're making a mistake though.
Speaking of mistakes... Can we move onto the rant section of this post? Thanks.


First off, I am the world's laziest girl these days. Can I have suggestions how to motivate myself? Second of all, I hate when people refer to their stomach as their abs. If you're a body builder, that's fine, because you actually have them. It's okay to say you have a stomach girls, that doesn't mean you are fat, it's just a stomach. haha. I say this only because today I had to listen to a girl (for about twenty minutes) whine about how her "abs" were getting fat. Calling them abs doesn't make them less fat, and if they're fat they're not abs. Girls are silly. Thirdly, Anne Hathaway is the new Catwoman. At least Halle Berry has a little bit of sexy in her to pull it off, but princess diaries girl? I don't think so.

Oh and P.S. to refer back to the gorilla video, I have something along those lines coming up- but with less gorillas and scaring of strangers. Stay tuned!


Day Five: Six Wishes

Six Things You Wish You'd Never Done

Since my last post blew chunks, I'll try to make this one more interesting.

1. I wish I hadn't gone to the U of A last year. It just messed everything up. Heads up to future students, don't go unless you actually want to try to succeed... which I didn't. 
2. I wish I hadn't cut all my hair off in grade 10. I bet my hair would be to the bottom of my back by now for sure. A girl can only wish.
3. I wish I'd never would've gotten into facebook. Maybe then I wouldn't be such a creeper. I would say it's a talent though...
4. I wish I'd been conscious and not slept my first three days of Europe. Does anyone remember London? Because I sure as heck don't and I don't even have pictures to look back on. The same goes along for grad...
5. I wish I had never played a certain game that involved a blindfold. I probably wouldn't regret it so much if I wasn't made fun of every day of my life. haha.
5 1/2. I wish my mom hadn't let me have a camera after I got my wisdom teeth out, or let people visit me.
Oh wait, yes I do, because I ended with this lovely picture.
6. I wish I had never quit piano lessons.

Oh, and P.S. wanna see another funny picture?
I had Scotty L. show me this the other day. If you're wondering whose face that is on my shirt, it's Darren Balderson. Random? Yes.


Day Four: Seven Things

Seven Things That Cross My Mind Alot (As Of Late)

I already don't like this post because it reminds me of Miley Cyrus... But here's what crosses my mind lately:
1. What I'm going to eat when I get home.
2. How cold I am.
3. My hangnails.
4. Marriage and other people's relationships. Thank you YSA for constantly putting this on my mind...
5. ENG 207- more specifically transitive and intransitive verbs.
6. Cameras.
7. The mail.
I just found this picture. Cute eh?

Oh, and P.S. if it gets any colder I'm going into hibernation. Just a heads up if you don't see me.


Day Three: Eight Ways

Eight Ways To Win My Heart

I didn't realize how picky I am until I started writing this. For all you boys out there, though I doubt there are any, who want to figure out how to win me over all you need is this:

1. A combover. My poor boyfriends who have to endure me begging them to do a combover our whole relationship. I don't know what it is about it but I can't resist a well done cutesy combover. I love them. Always have, always will.
2. If you can play a musical instrument you already have a greater chance than most out there. If you like to sing while you play and sound nice, then you have a groupie. That groupie is me incase that wasn't clear haha.
3. Surprise me!
4. Have green eyes. Oh baby.
5. If you can have a deep, intelligent talk with me then you've basically sealed the deal. If it can be gospel related then that's even better.
6. Have skinny legs. I don't know why, but I love them.
7. Make me laugh and give it back when I tease. I would say this is the most important one because I have a very distinct sense of humour.
8. Be Christian Bale... or his doppelganger.

If you're wondering if anyone can come close to such a list... Then I'll give you the closest candidate.

This kid.


Day Two: Nine Things

Nine Things About Yourself

1. I get freaked out when people have really big lips. When I'm talking to someone with such I tend to stare. Don't even ask about how I feel when they do the kissy face...
2. I wish on a daily basis that I was a good swimmer. It's probably because I spend so much time at the pool lookout.  
3. I am terrified of asking people for anything. I used to have my mom order for me. I won't say how long ago it was when that changed...
4. When I go home to visit I resort to a child-like state because I feel like a mom up here sometimes. My parents love it. :)
5. I used to think that the mom grew an umbilical cord out their belly button to the baby and that's how they were connected...?
6. I have a mole in the very middle of my chin and most people mistake it for a dimple. 
7. I like to think that I can hide my emotions extremely well from most people. I will be the first to admit I am a little fake when I first meet people.
8. My favorite colour to wear is red.
9. I wear a wooden ring on my left ring finger at all times without fail and it is beauuutiful.

Oh, and P.S. I was taking a picture of my new hair on photobooth and I found these. Enjoy! hahah.

I have an afro?
One day Scott came to school dressed up as a prof.
It snowed again?
 And now... For my hair. Do you like my new colour better?

Before- super red hair!
After- blonde hair! (I was in the library and too embarrassed to pose)


Day One: Ten Things

Ten Things You Want To Say To Ten People Right Now

Dear Mom,
I miss your cooking. Can you please send me a roast and carrots in the mail?

Dear Dad,
Remember that book you gave me? I have to look up every third word in the dictionary.

Dear Grammar Classmates,
Why do you all have to be fourth year English majors and school me so bad? I hate grammar class.

Dear J-Biebs Wannabe,
Yes, I see that you're asian and attractive but if you smile at me one more time and wink... I may just cut your overly done hair RIGHT off.

Dear Meg,
Get up here quicker and help pick me out some new boots please. Don't forget the frozen goods...

Dear BJ,
When I am sad, I go see what you wrote last on your Facebook to one of your princesses. I don't know what made you decide I'm Swedish, but I'll go with it.

Dear Daft Punk,
Thank you for the Tron soundtrack. It's legit.

Dear current hair colour,
Goodbye. I will not miss our time together.

Dear water aerobics swim class,
Sometimes I study at the pool just to watch you. Actually I'm watching you right now. Do that dolphin move again? Haha thanks.

Dear Roomies,
You da best.

Oh and P.S. they're still doing the dolphin move. This is the best day.


The Challenger

I'm doing a challenge because I'm bored with my life and I'm bored with this blog.

Sorry I stole this from you Kennedy.

P.S. I enjoyed my Christmas holidays waaay too much. How about it just be April already?


Project 365

I’ve been taking pictures long before I ever had a camera. There’s something about looking through one and capturing a memory that is just a really personal experience for me. When I first started this project it was because I had just gotten a new camera and I thought it was a good excuse to start taking more pictures in my life and making those mental pictures more tangible. At first it was the funniest picture that would get the most comments that mattered but eventually it started changing. Many times I would see something and think: "man, I wish I had my camera for that" and would close my eyes and capture it with my own personal one. This challenge helped me love Edmonton falls, enjoy riding across the river on the LRT after it's just snowed, and see how beautiful the people around me are. I love that I can look back over the almost five thousand pictures I took last year and remember every single day, mostly laughing while I do. It makes me more grateful for the fun I have in my life and more often than not motivates me to do something so I can make a memory to remember.

It’s helped me relax when I felt like my life was a disaster because I learned how to step back, laugh, and take a picture. Even a few days ago as Jace puked all down my top I quickly told my sister to grab the camera and take a picture thinking it would be a great picture of the day until I realized my resolution was over. Taking that halt from hysterics for one second helped me realize just how humorous the situation was and someday when I look back at that picture of me gagging with puke all over me I'll think, "Oh yeah, that day was Talan's 4th birthday, that was when my mom took someone else's shoes home instead of hers, and that was when Jace decided I was the perfect target for his projectile vomit.”

 This project has gotten me in trouble, like the time I tried to sneakily take a picture of a homeless man and the flash accidentally went off and he started running after me yelling. It’s frustrated me as I struggled to remember which picture went with which day and definitely annoyed with how tedious it was to have to worry about making sure I had taken one every single day. I would say 40% of the time I did this I hated it more than anything, but for some reason I couldn’t give up. I didn’t want someone to approach me and say: “Oh why did you stop doing that little project of yours?” To help myself I’d remember all my favorite pictures and all the times people asked if they could have one of my pictures. I’m not one to keep them from people so to all my sisters whose children I’ve taken thousands of pictures of; you’re welcome to them all. I’m happy to say I finished and I’m sad to say goodbye to my resolution but it’s time for me to work on other things this year. I still get a flit of anxiety every night and ask myself if I took a picture that day, but now I’m comforted when I realize that even though I did they weren’t for anyone or because I felt obligated, they were for me and the people I love. The day that changes and this feels like a task rather than a pleasure will be the day I put my beautiful (and hopefully by then upgraded) camera down and walk away from it until things change. Until then though, I’ll continue pressing that button and remembering everything I have.

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