The Help, H-E-L-P.

Dear reader,

I need help. I have been a little stressed lately. I'm just getting into my finals this week and then I jump right into student teaching in a few days. Did I tell you where I'm going?! Ross Sheppard High School teaching grade 10IB & 20-1 English. I welcome your prayers for this small town white girl, it's a culture shock every time I visit.

I can't handle stress well. When midterms rolled around a month ago I didn't sleep the entire week. You might think I'm joking but I literally did not sleep until my last test and then I didn't wake up for about a day. Oops? This has never happened before but I think I've just been feeling overwhelmed. My classes are not the hardest I've ever taken, but for some reason they're absolutely terrifying me. Maybe it's the impending doom of graduation and the reality of getting a job just on the horizon (ok, it IS!)... I need your help on how you handle stress. How do you get yourself to sleep on those really bad days? I'm also experiencing some migraines on the really bad days, and just some tension headaches for most of the time. I tried some pain killers but most don't seem to really work on me. For real, I take a T3 and nothing happens... So if you have anything natural I welcome it. So far the only thing thats been working is sleep, but it's not really practical to do 10 hours a night and then nap for 2 or 3 everyday because I just need to get stuff done.

So please, PLEASE, help me out here!


Sad Face Emoticon

Oh, and P.S. If you could also tell me how you felt about The Perks of Being a Wallflower (the book, not the movie) please share. I hated it and I can't tell if I'm missing something or not...

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