I'm Lovin' It.

At any given time I smell like either suncreen, bug spray, or tanning lotion. My cheeks are always red because I'm usually burnt or running. My nails are never clean and sometimes it's necessary to jump off the bridge into the canal and call that a shower. I have colours all over my my shirts from showing kids how to paint a sunset and sore arms from pulling them out of trees or picking them up. If you could see hugs I would be covered in them. The streets have been painted by the tire skids of my bike and to me there's nothing better than sitting on the south side of town staring up at the windmills during the sunset. I have loved my summer. I've loved seeing old friends everyday, sitting back and reading a book, laughing all day at the funny things kids say, and watching family members bicker during a game of rook (or all the time? it's how we show our love). Today we took some cousins from California to Waterton and as soon as I got home two of my best buds were at my door ready for "a ride". I realized then how much I love the people around me today. I really am lucky; I am surrounded by so many fun and great people. This summer is climbing the charts.
I only took pictures today, here's to not being so lazy for the rest of the summer?

Nothing better than a Sunday nap haha.

Oh, and P.S. here's a funny story from last week. One day for camp we went out to a farm where there was a man made tire swing from a tractor tire. The thing was seriously huge. At the end of the day a girl was getting picked up from her mom and was happily telling her all that we had done that day. When she came to the part about the tire swing her eyes got big and she exclaimed: "Mom, it was huge. It was even bigger than Kelsey!"

My heart broke a little. It's a good thing she's cute.



Yesterday I was having the best day feeling so content with my life. I've gotten the job I wanted, I got into school, I was able to be employed this whole summer, I've made some really great friends... And then today bombed because...
 I reversed into a truck. 
I won't say anything about it. I won't tell you that I blame the kid in my camp who was running across the street. I won't tell you that I was yelling at him and didn't realize I was still reversing (haha). I won't tell you that it was a 3 inch long scratch that is somehow costing 400 dollars. Really guys, don't ask, because I'm not saying anything about it. Oh well. 

Feeling furious I went and did something daring.


I dyed my hair dark.

Oh, and P.S. I hope everyone has a lovely Magrath Days weekend. We so excited!


Love My Life- LML

Just some thoughts:

I love Kenny G.

Katy Perry is the only person who can kind of pull off braces. Look here. Me? I look like an idiot.
For some reason they make my eyes more squinty and my face fatter. 

I've been droppin' twitter bombs from the sky left and right! It's like Hiroshima over here!

My favorite thing is to make acronyms out of all my favorite sayings (LML you guys!) and nicknames for all of my friends lately. If you need a spicy appellation I will be of assistance. (p.s. I'm really happy I finally got to use that word)

I love Edmonton. It is a part of my soul & my heart. It's my home. I miss it. This weekend I had no intentions of visiting but at 11:30 at night on Friday a few of us decided a visit needed to be paid. Great quick little trip. I'm gonna give this one a 10/10 sir. It included: park play, joey's (of course), dancing game, the legislature, a pancake brunch, my first energy drink (ohhhh nelly), and dying of laughter.

Well I'm about to go take an hour to floss my teeth and prepare for summer camp tomorrow.
Paper mache day here I come!

Oh, and P.S. This is what entertained me the whole drive home.

Conn loves to do that while coming at you with a knife in hand. Creepy, yet oddly funny.

P.P.S. Does my blog look gay? It's been a long time coming. I was sick of learning, and living, and growing. Ya know?
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