Remember when it was really cool to listen to Relient K? I go back sometimes and have myself a listen to them and remember basically all of my junior high years. Today I came across a keeper that got me into the Christmas spirit. I love this song.

My heart almost melted when this was sang a ward Christmas party on Friday. 

Oh, and P.S. happy finals everybody! Good luck! (If you're not done already)


Pin Up Girl

Pinterest cures all ailments during finals... except maybe procrastination, that one it seems to make worse. 

Thank you pinterest for making my pre-test stress just a little bit lighter. 

"You're welcome Kelsey, here's some pretty things to look at."

What a good friend.


Winter Wonderland

Today it was snowing big, catch them on your tongue, snowflakes. As I was walking home I thought how great it would be to take some nice little pictures with my roommates. Who doesn't love a good boost to their self esteem via photos? A few of us bundled ourselves up and headed out to a little red fence by our house. Aren't these girls beautiful? So glad I get to live with them.

(I kinda took a lot of this lady)


Jan, or as I like to call her, Terry. 

Don't laugh at me, ok? I DON'T SMILE IN PICTURES.

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