May has been an expensive month for me because:

  • I got a photo radar right before the airport.
  • I got pulled over for not having my car lights on at 8 o clock at night, when it's still light out. But then I remembered when I had changed cars at the last minute before leaving I left my license in the other resulting in an expensive ticket.
  • I'm getting a new car.
  • My insurance for that car is ridiculous.
  • I missed a whole week of work because of rain. Not necessarily expensive but I could've used that thousand dollars.
  • I keep going to movies that I can't afford to go to.
  • My phone bill is ridiculous because of long distance calling.
Actually I have a confession. This has all happened in the last two weeks. So far, I'm not liking May and I can't wait for June to come. T- 3.5 hours. 
the wind broke my umbrella.


Bucket List

Finishing classes renewed all of my ambitions. Pants were exchanged for shorts, spirits were lifted, and I felt like this summer would be so astronomically illustrious that my very self would be changed into something magnificent. So, to ensure the likelihood of this, I wrote a summer bucket list. Thinking it was a unique and thoughtful idea, I soon found out I was wrong. Turns out people do this all the time and I am not very innovative. But you know what? I really like mine and I've managed to even do two! So enjoy.

Summer Bucket List

  • Write a message in a bottle.
  • Give blood.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Sit in a field and read the Book of Mormon all day.
  • Test drive a car.
  • Finish a Sudoku without cheating.
  • Listen to my iPod all the way through without stopping.
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day.
  • Go to Banff for the first time.
  • Climb a hike I've never heard of.
  • Try to take a nap in a bedding store.
  • Get my fishing license.
  • Make my own pasta.
  • Make fire the old fashioned way (caveman style).
  • Host a theme party.
  • Bury a time capsule.
  • Actually try to paint something.
  • Write about a year of my life.
  • Watch every James Bond movie.
  • Leave my mark in graffiti (instead of falling asleep in the car).
  • Not suck at golf as much.
  • The ultimate practical joke.
  • Learn 5 odd constellations and find them one night.
  • Set up a blind date between friends (currently in the works). 
  • No junk food for two weeks.
  • No phone for one week.
  • Carve a watermelon.
  • Bike to Lethbridge.
  • Find the next great book.
  • Carve a charm necklace.
  • Not have as red of hair anymore.
  • Get a tan on my legs.


    What The H?

    Today a hutterite man came up to me and said this: 

    "You know I can only see you with half of my left eye, but I can tell you're wearing glasses, you're beautiful, and you have red hair."

     Those last four words were an arrow through my heart. I do not have red hair. That colour is haunting me. I will not admit to being a ginger. It's STRAWBERRY BLONDE. There may be an orange tinge but certainly not enough for a blind man to notice. I'm seriously distraught. I have always been blonde but this whole year I've had people constantly calling me a ginger or commenting on my red hair. They're wrong, I just know it. I'm sure if I stood next to Lohan or Carrot Top they would take their malicious comments back. I just need to surround myself with all of my red headed friends, then people will recognize that oh so lovely colour radiating off my scalp: blonde. 

    BUT, this should probably have some positivity. He did say I was beautiful, which eased the pain and also said it was great to see a girl working harder than the boys around her. :)

    does this look like red to you? please give me your thoughts.



    I love Glee! Tonight was seriously fabulous. The songs were so great and I must confess I got choked up when I Dreamed A Dream was played. Pure musical bliss.

    Oh and has anybody watched that new Miley Cyrus video? What the heck.


    Just a Heads Up, This Is A Serious One

    I love being a woman. I love the fact that I can bear children, that I have curves, and that as one I'm just naturally different from men. The idea that men and women have to be the exact same kind of person has been a serious peeve of mine all year. No, sociologist professors, we are not the same. Women have certain qualities that set them apart from men for a reason. We are equal in importance and I am all for equality but there are divine attributes every woman has and no matter how hard some may try they cannot be a man and a man cannot be a woman. Accept the differences, and realize their value.

    I'm reading this book I got for my birthday called Woman of the Old Testament and I'm quickly falling more and more in love with it; especially since it starts with talking about Eve whom I have a special place in my heart for. It was the testimony of this wonderful woman that I first realized the pure joy that comes from repentance. I remember randomly scoping through the Book of Moses and I happened upon chapter 5. Here they first learn that they can be saved through Jesus Christ and find redemption and Eve in verse 11 gives a simple but lovely testimony of the Plan of Salvation and the joy that has come from the knowledge of the atonement. With her praising of God she also expresses the joy she can feel, the children she can have and that now she can know for herself that God's way is the correct way. I find this amazing. To have walked with God and then to be cast out from his presence would be utter torture in my mind. I have a great love for Eve. Yes, she partook of the fruit but God knows all. He knew this was going to happen and I'm sure it broke his heart to have them leave the Garden of Eden but he knew they would be happy and that eventually we would all be able to come and experience joy. For her to return and praise God and live in righteousness for the rest of her days... She's so strong. She came back from a difficult trial and found joy. Satan thought he was ruining the plan, but in reality he did not understand the magnitude of what God had in store. In my new book they talk a lot about Eve's wisdom and courage and Eve is in a very different light in our church than in other Christian churches. Let me illustrate my point with some quotes within it:
    LDS view:
    "It was Eve who first transgressed the limits of Eden in order to initiate the conditions of mortality. Her act, whatever its nature, was formally a transgression but eternally a glorious necessity to open the doorway toward eternal life. Adam showed his wisdom by doing the same. And thus Eve and 'Adam fell that men might be' ([2 Ne. 2:25]). Some Christians condemn Eve for her act, concluding that she and her daughters are somehow flawed by it. Not the Latter-day Saints! Informed by revelation, we celebrate Eve's act and honor her wisdom and courage in the great episode called the Fall... Modern revelation shows that our first parents understood the necessity of the fall." (Dallin H. Oaks, Ensign, Nov. 1993)

    and now a not so LDS view of Eve:
    "The woman sees that the tree is good for food and... a delight to the eyes. Deceived by the serpent, she is now deceiving herself. All that she wants to do, she tells herself, is to satisfy two legitimate desires, for food and for beauty. By what right has God forbidden their satisfaction? Her real desire, however, is for power." (Terrien, Interpreter's Bible.)

    All I can say is, I love Eve and I love this church. Oh, and this book.



    I am 19, I work for the town of Magrath doing pretty much nothing, I've already started to develop my first tan (in my whole life), and there is still ice cream cake left over from my birthday dinner.

    Life. Is. Great.

    You know what else is great?

    This book,

    This song that for some reason I especially love lately,

    finally moving all my stuff home,

    and wearing bright red lipstick.


    I Am So Awkward

    So I guess I'm in the Lethbridge scene... yay. I don't know if it's the mountain air or what but I've realized I have definitely lost my touch down here. I feel like all my senses towards the opposite sex, especially in terms of flirting, have just gone missing. I've always thought of myself as having a great understanding of men but after this week I've come to the sad realization that that is not the case. Let me tell you why:
    Last Friday I went to the Black Social II, a great event thrown where lots of people got together and listened to music and later danced. I loved it, maybe too much. I was so busy dancing I missed all the signals which later I realized were signs of potential flirting. 

    The girls and I partied in the U.S.A., nodded our heads and moved our hips like "yah!". It was wonderful. Usually when the hip movement part of the chorus comes I tend to get a little carried away because, let's face it, it's a brief chance to dance a little dirty without seeming inappropriate. So as the moment came for me to do just as Miley Cyrus does, I happened to bump into a boy. I moved over and proceeded to dance only to have him bump into me again. I turned and he was smiling a cute smile and said: "Maybe you should stop bumping me." This was said in a pretty flirty manner and it was obvious he was moving close just to bump me and be funny. This was a pivotal moment. I could smile and bump him back maybe or strike up a conversation! Pretty sure anything but what I did would have worked, but in the end all I said was: "Oh... my bad," he gave me a confused looked and watch as  I then walked away never to see him again. I am so socially retarded. I thought he was serious and really wanted me to stop bumping him! I've lost all touch with my flirty side. Where have you gone flirty Kelsey? Why can't I find you? Will I ever be able to giggle at a boy ever again?

    I was going to tell the second story, but I'm just really ashamed right now. I feel as if I'm doomed to never meet some new and be normal around them ever again. Is there any hope? I think not.

    I'm almost as awkward as this picture. Oh wait, that's me.
     I guess I am as awkward.


    Six Six Six?

    I reach for my sixth kleenex as I watch Avatar for the sixth time and eat my sixth handful of munchies. It's a beautiful thing.  I've always enjoyed even matching numbers.Actually, isn't triple six like satanic? I'll find something else and do it for the six time just to be safe.  I think I'm a little OCD?

     Anyways, you know what's not beautiful? I've been home for six days and have accomplished nothing other than the expansion of my stomach. It's odd to think but I kinda miss Edmonton. I miss swimming and seeing my roommates everyday where we'd snuggle and talk about anything and everything. I love my parents don't get me wrong, but I can't exactly talk about what couples I like and don't like and if I think they're going to get married or other such young adult topics. I'm a liiiiiittle excited to drive home tomorrow. Did I just call Edmonton home? Maybe I'm just tired. That must be it.
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