Love, True Love!

This is love.

For some reason I cry every time I watch this. They win most adorable couple award.


Some Reasons I Love California

You can ride the world's 2nd longest tram in the world. So cool!

You can go from sweating in the desert to enjoying a nice little hike in the snow in just ten minutes.

You can go an hour south where you're just a few short miles from Mexico and quad your little heart out.

You can drive a few miles north and feel like you're in the jungle.

And finally, you can sit in 90 degree weather instead of the 3 feet of snow that has magically appeared up here.

I. Hate. Winter.


Help Wanted: PLEASE!

Before you read this post, I need you to promise me something. Promise me you'll please give me some advice in the little comment box on the bottom, ok? Thanks. You may now proceed.

I'm going to California for reading week and I am unbelievably excited. My grandparents live down there in the winter and I got to see them two years back during this same time. It's a blast! But there's just one problem you see... I will be wearing a swimsuit the majority of the time and I'm not feeling too good about it.

You know how everyone comes back from Christmas and they say: "Ugh, I gained sooo much weight over Christmas! I'm so fat!" Yet they don't look any different? That was not the case for me. I was averaging about 4 hearty meals a day and constantly snacking which has lead to tight pants and even tighter shirts. I am one of those people who actually looked different after Christmas. I have no self control, ok? Anyways, January came quick and passed even quicker and before I knew it it was half over and I realized I was leaving for Cali in a month. I started to panic and headed off to my basketball game with the mentality that I was going to get fit from that day on. Well, I sprained my ankle 30 seconds into that game. Or I think I sprained it? It's actually still really bruised and hurts... Is that worse than a sprain? Not important.

I can't do physical activity like run or, well, walk quickly. Which means that I now have to turn to healthy eating. I HATE EATING HEALTHY. I basically live on salsa and Tostitos chips, and everyone in my house loves to bake cookies (which I am not complaining about) and then encourage me to eat half of them. Ok, they don't encourage it... But they don't stop it. So in reality they are encouraging it. I'm sure you're bored by this post by now and I hate this talk too, but I am desperate. So, here is your task:

1. Go down to the comment box
2. Give me a tip on how to lose weight or somehow burn some calories without hurting myself.
3. Or, if you'd like, give me a link or write out an easy healthy recipe I could use in the next two weeks.

PLEAAAAAAASE. I know I could look in other places but I trust your opinions and lately pinterest has failed me. Plus, I really don't want to have to turn to pajama jeans...



Charlie Darwin

I went to the City and Colour concert last Thursday and their opening act was The Low Anthem. I am just amazed at how talented they are! I couldn't stop thinking about this song after they sang it with Dallas Green...

Oh, and P.S. It is unhealthy how much I play temple run... I'm still an amateur though. Practice makes perfect, right? 

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