Tying the Knot

I have come out of hiding. I feel like a month is sufficient enough time to enter the cyber world again. For some reason I'm always super creeped out when people get married and the next morning they're back on facebook or instragram, and their name has been changed. I used to think, "Everyone knows you just DID it. Go and hide!"(Too much?)

I laugh now because the day after we were married we were sitting in the airport, both on our phones, surfing all the social networks. I think Scott went to go instagram a wedding picture and I begged him, "Please no! It's too soon!" I don't know why I'm weird about that stuff... anyways.... haha.

The night before we were married I decided last minute (haha) I was going to put together a slide show and so I was up until the wee hours of the morning. Call me crazy but I know I wouldn't have been able to sleep anyways. I was completely exhausted in the morning. My friend Jordan showed up around 8 to do my hair and I was barely dragging myself out of bed, which is pretty typical of me everyday to leave waking up to the last minute. She gave me a book of letters from both mine and Scott's family and my close friends. It was so special to read that while I got ready. I had a hard time keeping it together but it all honesty it was perfect for setting the mood that day.

As I drove to the temple with my mom I was panicking. It's crazy the amount of emotions you feel that day. Every fear and self doubt came streaming back and I would constantly turn to my mom and say, "This is it. Is this happening? Oh my gosh." It's a scary thought realizing what a big step marriage is. That fear didn't go away. As I got ready to be married I remember my stomach being in a giant knot. My hands were sweating, my throat was dry, and I just didn't look all that well.

But then, as I'm sure it is with every bride who gets married in the temple, you walk into a room to be married and see your family around you. I have never felt so much love in my life, and I bawled like a newborn babe the entire time. Literally don't remember anything except that I was so happy (oops?). That's the best feeling in the world. I would endure the horrors of planning again just for that.

The rest of the day I remember bits of. By the time we left Cardston I hadn't eaten all day because I had had no appetite and then downed a litre of water while Scott and I drove back to Magrath for the family dinner. This resulted in me eating way too quickly later and pretty much feeling horrible the rest of the day. The family dinner was fun and delicious, my slideshow didn't work until it was just my friends and family around (which looking back I'm very happy about), but in all honesty I was on the verge of up-chucking everything I had just eaten. During the reception I would smile and shake peoples hands and then immediately have to sit down when there was a break so I wouldn't pass out. Ha.... ha...

Putting that aside though, I loved everything. I remember driving up to Calgary that night and tearing up because I was so grateful. That is really the best part about a wedding day: being surrounded by people who love you all day and seeing the guy you genuinely love become very permanent in your life. I had so much service given to me by so many people leading up to and on our wedding day. What a wonderful way to start a marriage!

Sometimes Scott and I will be talking and I'll just have to blurt, "Is this real? Are we actually married?!" Also can't tell you how many times Scott has turned to me at the most random moments and said, "Kels... you're my wife!" It's like it's not even real, but then it also feels very natural. Kind of a weird thing to experience.

We don't have any wedding day pictures yet, but we took some quick bridals a week before to have at the reception. I would encourage everyone to do this. Have some quick bridals before, the day of only take family pictures and a few together, and then plan a later session at any place you would like. So much less stress. We did our bridals in maybe 40 minutes because the sun just wasn't the best that day and I was freezing! They turned out great for what we wanted and a big thanks to Heather! If you wanna look at them go here.

(I don't know how to upload pictures in good quality on here...)

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