The Young and The Restless

I must make a confession. I love teeny bopper romance. Nothing makes my belly shake with laughter more than to see a facebook status such as this:
 _______ is missing my baby:(
 _______ wishes you could look at me the way i look at you. xxx :(
________ the more you hate us together the more i love him.

Those sentences followed by a thousand black filled hearts bring me to tears from laughter. As I read blogs, or facebooks statuses pop up on my home page, my day is brightened with I see how ridiculous "them younger folk" are. How metaphorical and sentimental this generation has become, how non-descriptive and mysterious all their sentences are. People may criticize, but I say let them pour out their hearts for my enjoyment on the internet, because it is there, that love becomes real. That boyfriend and girlfriend TRULY become boyfriend and girlfriend. Ahh the hilarity of it all. I truly miss those days sometimes. Maybe that's why I love Justin Bieber? It reminds me of simpler times when I wrote my feelings out by my name on msn.

Which brings me to my next confession, I used to be like that. I found my journal from when I was in grade 8 and I'd like to share some treasures. haha.

March 2, 2005
"We went to the grade 8 boys final tournament and Austin Prince from Raymond didn't expect me to be there and we were walking out and the Raymond boys were walking in and I saw Austin and he says he couldn't breath and like neither could I."

March 4, 2005 (this was just a hilarious week)
"Today we went to Coach Carter with those Raymond boys. The movie started and I was sitting by Austin and Jordan was sitting by me and Anthony (Sieben). Jordan is going out with Rawley Selk from Cardston, but she can talk to Anthony so easily so she kinda likes him more even though she already has a B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D. LOL!!! But ya, Katie is going out with Jared Baker and they held hands for the first time for Jared. But I was sad cuz Katie's growing up so fast that its kinda scaring me. (haha i love that sentence) I LOVE AUSTIN. I want to hold his hand!"

hahahaha. What can I say, I was young?


Hi, I'm Kelsey.

On Mormon.org they have these new things called profiles. I think they're great! There are some main ones they've shared and they've taped a little bit of peoples lives. Amazing. I love the diversity of people! Isn't it so wonderful to think that the church is made up of so many different members. It adds life and depth and understanding to the church I think. We learn from other peoples experiences and circumstances which helps to widen our own narrow views. I think with being surrounded by different kinds of people it's helped me understand Christ's love for all and just how capable and enveloping his love is. He does not have a "member cookie cutter" that we all have to fit into, which is fortunate because I would not like to be shaped like a gingerbread man, instead he allows us to be individual and encourages everyone to accept that. The opening line at the top of each profile holds a small description each person gives themselves... What would yours look like? Here's mine:

Hi, I'm Kelsey.
I'm a poor student, a daughter, a hopefully-someday teacher, a personal writer, a lover of spicy and all finger foods, a book addict, a wannabe artist, and I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Here's my personal favorite of the videos I watched.

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