One of Those Apologetic Summer Posts

I haven't posted in a long time, I'm sorry!

Throughout the summer I've sat down, looked at my computer screen, written a sentence or two, then out of boredom of myself shut the computer and walked off. I've actually written quite a bit of things this summer, but it never seems quite right when I go to send it off to space. In all honesty this summer has been slow, quiet, and interesting all at the same time. I've been unbelievably busy, yet very still. That's been one of my favourite things about married life. I feel like in times of busy-ness, it's for things that matter. Single life is full of so much mundane quickness, that I always felt busy over nothing. It's nice to do what matters, then come home to a spouse to relax. People always joke about watching way too much netflix when you get married, or that you become boring. In all honesty, I love being boring! It's so nice to go to bed early because the person I would normally stay up late to talk to is right beside me. No matter what, at the end of my day I have a time to just reflect on my life. That never happened when I was single. I was so obsessed with the image of myself that I didn't ever just sit and think about what I really was.

No one told me that when you get married life suddenly becomes one giant observation of yourself. To say I've learned a bit is an understatement, yet every time I go to write something about marriage it feels unnatural. I'm married now, so it's time for gush and mush and all that good stuff, right? In all honesty, marriage has been the best decision for the two of us, but the hardest change for me. Day after day I see the person I was and try to move away from it, and it's really, really hard. It's hard to go from being consumed by your own self to suddenly thinking about another person in all decisions. It's hard to be selfish, and then switch to selfless. Luckily I have a lot of time to practice, and a spouse who comes naturally to selflessness. I remember after a month of being married arguing over something really dumb. Scott left to go do some bank stuff, and while he was gone I was brooding over what I had said, and realizing what I really felt. I have realized one thing so far that has been invaluable: more often than not, when I am unhappy, it is because of my own doing. I realized how selfish I had been and set out to do something nice for Scott. I showered, got dressed, and was ready to take Scott out for lunch when he walks in with flowers and a picnic. I laugh now over how ridiculous my next sentence was, "Scott, what are you doing?! I was going to do something nice for you! You beat me to it!"(as said in my most exasperated voice)

Scott and I have been really lucky all summer. We're attempting (emphasis on attempting) to live debt free while we go to school, and have been blessed like I can't believe. It's like as soon as we got married, the universe decided we deserved some great things. I guess it was the right choice then, eh? We've worked all summer up at Waterton serving, have found a great apartment for school, and have gone on two great trips to Hawaii and Atlanta. If that's not lucky I don't know what is. Someday when I'm feeling less preachy, and more share-y, I'll tell you guys all about the trips. For now though, some pictures are just going to have to suffice!

so miserable... haha. #hateheat

ate waaaaaay too much big scoop.

we love U of A!

Bears Hump before work.

 And now, some of our Atlanta trip (of which I took few pictures... unless it was food)

Atlanta temple!

deep fried apple pie. #nowords

Georgia aquarium!


Goodbye, and may we see you soon, Southern Alberta!
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