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If my life was a newspaper these would be some headliners for this week's issue (with images included, lucky you! Courtesy via my iPhone):

Kelsey Scott Raves About Vegas Shows
I got to see Phantom! And some other stuff, but this is what really counts. I remember when I was in high school there was a summer where I watched it everyday and, sometimes when I was lucky, I could sucker a friend into it and we would sing the parts together. Needless to say I choked up multiple times. "That's alllll I ask of youuuuu!" Tender.

Heat Rash, How Do We Fix It?
You can really only see my trunk sized thighs... but there is indeed a heat rash there. It's covering all of my limbs. I felt the need to let everyone know in every store I went into today that that was what was red and ravaging all over my body... Not a heinous disease. Nobody cared.

Really though, how do I fix this? 

Young Adult Nearly Kills Her Family By Accidentally Driving Down One Way... The Wrong Way

Previously Thought Albino Gets Tan
and giant hair.

Vegas' Great Outlet Malls
Too bad they're all outside; it was bloody(?) hot. Apparently I wasn't the only thing melting though. Zing! Get it? Cuz the building looks like it's melting.

New Jobs On the Horizon
This next week is my last week at my current job. Did that sound weird or is it just me? Anyways I work at Behind the Door Design and Decor (which is currently changing it's name to Silverline) and I am so grateful they gave my sorry unemployed butt a chance. It's a home decor store in Cardston (across from DQ) and it's awesome. Very vintage, very classy, very affordably adorable. I have loved every second there and not just because I get to see friends and people I really do enjoy everyday, but because even though I am not a designer, by any means, I get to pretend I'm a little bit creative. The store is owned by Heather Jaques (this kid's sister... he's a life saver even when he's not around!) and it has a great feel to it. Check it out on facebook here! Just keep scrolling down and you'll get to see some of the stuff they have. Ca-uuuuuute! Come in and visit me my last week! 

What's taking this job's place you ask? Well I got the coordinating job for the Magrath Summer Camp (finally, something I'm being trained for!); my parents prayers for employment have not gone to waste! We're calling it Adventure Camp, I'm really creative, and it's going to be a blast. Check that out here! It's super cheap and it's going to be so fun you could just poop your pants.... uhhh, what? Anyways spread the word. If you don't have kids let everyone you know who has kids in on this sweet deal. If you're not from Magrath that doesn't matter. It's three hours a day based on the kids age (so either morning or afternoon) so why not have a little you time and chill out in Lethbridge running errands? Or whatever it is mom's do... Honestly, people need to sign up because I love American Wal-marts and I might have gone a little crazy in the water play aisle on that vacation. Like really crazy. Let us not be wasteful!

Oh, and P.S. I have realized my blog is basically just me telling what I do with my life. I am so boring... but too lazy to change my ways. Just go with it.



It's Father's Day today (obviously). I'm not going to lie, I forgot. Completely. You see my parents have decided this week to go on a... drumroll please... tour of diners from the show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" and so we're driving our way down to hang out in Vegas for a week. Cute right? haha and embarrassing. I was dreading this trip, especially since my parents love to make up songs about everything they see while driving: the hills, the clouds, the family with bikes on their van, and me while I'm sleeping (at the top of their lungs). When we got in the car early this morning I went straight to sleep hoping I could miss most of the drive. I woke up 3 hours later and finally realized what day it was. I'm the worst daughter. I had complained all morning while getting ready, I didn't offer to drive, and I ate all of the peach penguins.  To make up for my poor choices I decided my parents were not only going to get to sing the whole way down, but I was going to join them. I wish you guys could know how big of a deal that is haha. Anyways, in the end I actually had so much fun with them and it's made me realize even more how much I love my parents and especially today, my dad. I wrote a talk about fathers two years ago and I found it today as I was cleaning out my computer. Here's a bit I really liked.

My Three Favorite Things About My Dad:
1.    My dad is ridiculously protective. He terrifies poor little boys and it used to drive me absolutely crazy! But this past year I think as I’ve grown up a bit I’ve realized it’s one of my favorite things, and it’s worn off on me. I would never bring someone home to hang out if they didn’t measure up to what I think my dad would appreciate. Because he’s set that standard I’ve set that standard.
2.    My dad makes this face when he gets really emotional and my family and I call it “the scrunchy face”. He makes it when he’s really proud and happy or something has touched his heart. I saw it the first time I said a talk as I fumbled through it, he made it as I walked up to him and my mother as a senior in basketball, and just recently he made it at my seminary grad as me and my friends stood and sang. I love that face, and I’m hoping I see it today but in the future wise when I’m kneeling across the altar I’ll look to my dad and I know he’ll be making that face.
3.    He is an amazing husband. He cooks, does laundry, and cleans all the time. I’ve talked to my sisters about this and we’ve never seen another husband who’s so devoted to his wife. My dad is constantly telling my mom she’s gorgeous or making up a song about it… very early in the morning while we’re trying to sleep I might add. And he just loves my mother like crazy. I don’t remember a morning where he didn’t kiss her goodbye. Frankly I want to marry someone like my dad. He has traits that I know I’ll look for in a companion.
As I’ve thought about my dad I’ve realized he’s set the bar high. I want to be better for him, I want a husband who loves me like he loves my mother, and I want him to be proud of me, because he’s important to me. Father’s are important.
A father will do anything for his child. I know my dad would. One story that really touches my heart concerns a man named Jairus.
(Hey, look here. I can't remember what talk this next part is from. Sorry!)
There was an incident in the life of the Savior that was mentioned by Matthew, Mark, and Luke. A significant part of the story is told by Mark in only two short verses and five words of the following verse.
“And, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw him [that is, when he saw Jesus], he fell at his feet,
“And besought him greatly, saying, My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live.
“And Jesus went with him” (Mark 5:22–24).
The reading time of that portion of the story is about thirty seconds. It is short and uncomplicated. The visual picture is clear and even a child could repeat it without difficulty. But as we spend time in thought and contemplation, a great depth of understanding and meaning comes to us. We conclude that this is more than a simple story about a little girl who was sick and Jesus went to lay his hands on her. Let me read these words to you again:
“And, behold.” The word behold is used frequently in scripture with a wide variety of meanings. Its use in this instance designates suddenness or unexpectedness. Jesus and those who were with him had just recrossed the Sea of Galilee, and a multitude of people who had been waiting met him on the shore near Capernaum. “And, behold [suddenly and unexpectedly], there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue.” The larger synagogues of that day were presided over by a college of elders under the direction of a chief or a ruler. This was a man of rank and prestige whom the Jews looked upon with great respect.
Matthew doesn’t give the name of this chief elder, but Mark identifies him by adding to his title the words, “Jairus by name.” Nowhere else in the scriptures does this man or his name appear except on this occasion, yet his memory lives in history because of a brief contact with Jesus. Many, many lives have become memorable that otherwise would have been lost in obscurity had it not been for the touch of the Master’s hand that made a significant change of thought and action and a new and better life.
“And when he saw him [that is, when Jairus saw Jesus], he fell at his feet.”
This was an unusual circumstance for a man of rank and prestige, a ruler of the synagogue, to kneel at Jesus’ feet—at the feet of one considered to be an itinerant teacher with the gift of healing. Many others of learning and prestige saw Jesus also but ignored him. Their minds were closed. Today is no different; obstacles stand in the way of many to accept him.
“And [Jairus] besought him greatly, saying, My little daughter lieth at the point of death.” This is typical of what happens frequently when a man comes to Christ, not so much for his own need, but because of the desperate need of a loved one. The tremor we hear in Jairus’s voice as he speaks of “My little daughter” stirs our souls with sympathy as we think of this man of high position in the synagogue on his knees before the Savior.
Then comes a great acknowledgement of faith: “I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live.” These are not only the words of faith of a father torn with grief but are also a reminder to us that whatever Jesus lays his hands upon lives. If Jesus lays his hands upon a marriage, it lives. If he is allowed to lay his hands on the family, it lives.
The words, “and Jesus went with him” follow. We would not suppose that this event had been within the plans for the day. The Master had come back across the sea where the multitude was waiting on the shore for him to teach them. “And behold”—suddenly and unexpectedly—he was interrupted by the plea of a father.
I've seen my dad at moments like this, when he would give up everything for his children. He really does love his family, despite his hard exterior at times. Jairus was willing to throw away his reputation, relationships with other leaders, and his pride for his daughter. He knew what was important and I'm grateful everyday as I watch my parents that they know what's important. When I came home this summer and started getting into the rotation for family prayer for some reason it amazed me the other day that my parents, even when I'm not there, still have "family prayer". I remember saying to them, but you guys don't have a family it's just you two. I've come to realize it's because they would never miss a day having the opportunity to pray for their children together. As I listen to their pleas every night I feel the eternal love they have. I feel the love Heavenly Father has, and I can't help but be so grateful that I have a father here on earth and a Father in heaven. I really am blessed and grateful for their love, even though I'm super forgetful and really grumpy in cars.


Step Aside Bakerella...

Because you've met your match!
Yesterday I was driving home talking to my bud on heytell. Which, if you're wondering, is the best app out there. It's a walkie talkie! Back to the story. I desperately wanted to go eat somewhere because I hadn't all day. I deserved it, ya know? But she said no, saying our bodies and wallets could not afford it. So, we decided to bake instead with some friends,
and it was magical.
We wanted brownies, so we made a brownie mix.
We wanted cookies, so we made cookie dough. 
Cupcakes? Let's just put the two in together in a cupcake pan.

Heaven, you guys. Oh and on the top? we melted some skor bits in eagle brand and it caramelized to make a delicious little topping (I don't know the right terms?)

So move over Martha, Bakerella, and Betty Crocker. Because I'd like to present: 


 (get it? brownie, cupcake, cookie)
It's crunchy; it's gooey; and it's delicious. A little ugly, yes, but nonetheless tastey.

With all the work though and calories anyways, I still say we should've just gone and ate.
I think I'm about to go into a sugar coma.

Oh, and P.S. Today I got out of the shower and there was my cute little grandma. She gave me some spending money for Vegas. Haha, I have the cutest grandparents.


Braces and Brides

Reasons Why I Might Be Living At Home When I'm 40:

Exhibit A: Tonight I had my friends ask me to come to some YSA stuff. I declined so that I could repaint an old mirror, buy some penny candies, and watch the social network with my mom. That just seemed so much more exciting than dancing. Is it too much that all I want is to do is go to bed at a reasonable hour sometimes?

Exhibit B: I'm getting braces the Monday I get home from Vegas. (Side note: did you know I was going to Vegas? Surprise from my rents! I'll explain more about that later. It really is a treat) I've mentioned this sad news a few dozen (thousand?) times to my friends. You know what happens to 20 year olds with braces? Sympathy from other 20 year olds because no one would ever wish it upon themselves. You know what happens to 20 year old student teachers with braces? Their life is H-E-doublehockeysticks. You might be wondering, "But Kelsey, why the braces when you're teeth are straight?" Well I'll tell you reader. Turns out I have the jaw of a 60 year old English woman and it's crumbling at a rapid rate. I say English because my dad is such and he passed the glorious trait of an underbite to me. I'm sorry future children; blame it on Gramps. I had a point to this exhibit... Oh right. Since I will be a hermit for the next 14 months I will lose all, if any, social skills I once possessed and will eventually become a recluse in the basement of my parents. Anyways, onto happier times with this post.

Exhibit C: Why would I wanna leave when I have all the entertainment I need at home?

The other night I was asking my parents which of them gave me my unevenly curly hair. My dad pipes in "I am poker straight!" I turned and said, "Dad I'm not too sure about that, you've seemed really iffy lately." My mom thinking she was real witty chimes in, "That's what she said!" She's still learning how to use that phrase right.

After I explained I was referring to the fact that I was calling my dad a "non-heterosexual" my mom says, "You wanna know what's the worst about him being a little gay? That means I'm a lesbian."

How can I abandon them now? I feel like I have so much to teach them.  Plus, Matthew McConaughy made it look not too shabby in Failure to Launch. He lived the life! Aside from ya know... the broken heart and inability to commit. Crap.

Oh, and P.S. I did leave the house this weekend. To see my beautiful friend Miken get married! Here are some pictures. She was gorgeous and the decorations were amaaaaaazing.

I caught that. HOLLA!


Miken and Bran's future posterity. ;)

My pretty friend Amelia.


Let Me See If You Can Run It, Run It.

Sometimes I'm a little impulsive and it can either be for good or for bad. Today I did something and I can't quite decide which it was. This morning I called and set up a job interview so to reward myself I did absolutely nothing for most of the afternoon. I read a bit, I put a face mask on, and enjoyed watching Toy Story 3 for the first time. To say it was a lazy day is an understatement, but I will cherish it in my heart forever. Anyways so I ended up going to a movie and then coming home because I was tired. As we drove home though, I looked outside at the rain and had a huge urge to run. Just a little fact, I love rain more than anything. I got inside and grabbed what I hoped was a raincoat (which it thankfully ended up being), put on my gear, and off I was! It was wonderful. It wasn't cold and I loved the sound of the tink tink tink on my hood, which is perfection in my eyes... or ears? Anyways I ran around town and planned to do a 1/2 k sprint to the house to finish off strong. I rounded the corner and started running a little harder against the wind. I was feeling the burn after about 100 m, hoooooly, but I promised myself I would keep running. I slowed to a jog and looked around. It was seriously beautiful. The sky was purple and as I ran I felt like I was in a Nike commercial or one of those boxing movies preparing to fight in the final the next day. I might have even done a few air punches... So sue me. I was starting to tire out with about 100 meters left. I tried to think of how beautiful everything was and closed my eyes to soak it in and take my mind off the fact of how out of shape I was. I smiled and felt the rain on my face. I listened to my feet hitting the pavement. I started to form the words, "I can do this!" but couldn't quite because I was suddenly on my butt on the ground... staring up at a parked van.

Embarrassing right? I, Kelsey Scott, ran into a parked car. I have a bruise on my thigh to prove it. It surprisingly doesn't hurt that much... Or maybe my pride is hurt too much to feel physical pain yet. Either way, I am an idiot. I blame the education system.

Maybe next time I'll think twice about when I run... and keep my eyes open too.

Oh, and P.S. up until that little incident I really did love running out there. It made me wanna do a fist pump like Judd Nelson off The Breakfast Club.


So really, I can't quite decide whether this impulse was good or not.



 Alright you guys, I need to confess something. I got twitter. Look at me mindlessly following the crowd (and justin bieber). Wanna follow me? @kelseyscott44 (that's how I show my address right? I'm really new at this). I still don't really understand the # and @ signs. 

Anyways, here's some stuff I lusted and loved today:

I want you, I need you, oh baby oh baby.

This movie and this... documentary?
I'm craaaazy excited about the Conan O' Brien one. Did you know I have a mad crush on him? I think it's the red hair; it's just so wispy. 

Other celebrities that burn my loins:

They would have beautiful multi-racial children.
I guess that's really all I have to say today.  

Oh, and P.S. I went to the zoo yesterday! I got stuck in the kangaroo statue that everyone has their children pose in. My pride was a little bruised as I watched people of all ages smirk at my discomfort. Did you know penguins are coming in 2012? Awesome.

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