Yew Nears

I can't believe it's been one year since I wrote a New Years post. It always amazes me every year how much can change and stay the same. For me this is a time where I put my life in order. I figure out where I want to go, what I want to be to be, and what I want to do in the next year and then try to stick to it. These were my resolutions last year:
1. I will record one song and show it to more than 5 people. I write all these compositions and things on the piano and never ever show them to anyone. 
2. I'm going to get a job at Chapters and live happily throughout the summer telling people my opinions on the latest great fantasy series. (dream big!)
3. I'm going to run, swim, and bike enough to be able to be a member of a team for the Magrath Triathlon. I've always wanted one of the real t-shirts, not the lame ones the volunteers wear.
4. I will not go home between classes and watch the OC. or sleep. or eat nutella. (Eat nutella during classes, not all together, that would just be wrong.)
5. To actually accomplish one of these resolutions, haha just kidding. I will get over my phobia of parents.
I'm happy to say I recorded a song (which no one is ever ever going to hear haha), I didn't go home between classes, I got over my phobia of parents (which I never thought would happen), and I did probably the most tedious resolution ever of taking a picture every single day. I'm happy with what I've accomplished this last year, and even though I didn't work at Chapters or participate in the Magrath triathlon I really just don't care. For me, the new year is saying goodbye to all the bad and starting fresh. So here's not my New Years resolutions, but my New Years farewells:

Farewell every bad mark I ever got, every test that was so long my hand would cramp up in the middle of it, every research essay, every early morning EDFX class, every crappy day at work. Goodbye the boss I never liked, the days of nothingness, the days of procrastination, the sharp words, the gossip, and the mean girly glares. Hasta la vista Nietzsche, Hemingway,  and Petrarch; you will not be missed. Goodbye fast food in ANY form. Goodbye irregular sleep patterns. Au revoir quick temper and dry skin. Fare thee well fat pants that I wear during midterms and finals; and last but not least,

goodbye my picked hang nails, because from here on out you're no longer going to be picked. 

Oh and I like this video...


Sometimes A Girl's Gotta Brag

I am grateful for Christmas presents that let me show off how cute my family is. I'm sorry to say but they're most likely cuter than yours...

I'm a noob at this, no judging please!


Oh Man...

Confession time.

Since doing my resolution this year I've started to see why people like taking pictures so much. I love when I find something that seems to boost my day and then I can remember it forever with a little snap of the camera. One thing though, I hate taking pictures of people. I mean there is a time to capture a funny memory or moment but I don't have the knack for taking pictures of people... Just not a talent. I'm not saying I'm a photographer (or aspiring to be one), no way in heck. It's just that people seem to think I like to take pictures of them. I have news: I really really don't haha and the pictures you're asking me to take cause me anxiety. Unless your family or friends, please don't bother... Just a heads up. I don't even have my new camera yet, so I promise it won't be very good.

Plus, I kinda suck.

Okay, I just had to get that off my chest. Speaking of pictures though I realized yesterday that I wanted to take a little picture of myself. You know the raised arm smiling one where you try to act like it wasn't you who took it, but we all know the truth. Yep, that kind. I smiled and smiled and looked terrible. I tried to make a funny face and that looked even worse. I swear in high school I was the queen of self-takes but it seems my understanding of how to make it look like I have good bone structure and only one chin has left me. Every once and a while I get lucky, but let's just say that happens just about as often as I shave my legs (that was a joke)... sigh... I read this post though and I have to agree, you get a lot less cute after high school. Oh well though, because it seems these days I just care a whole lot less.



Oh, and I have a final tomorrow. But instead I just wrote this, organized half of my pictures into iPhoto folders, and then realized how much I was slacking, so I took a test to see if I have ADHD... This is my result:

I'm such a disaster today.



I'm not a big status updater, but today I just had this desire to change mine every 5 minutes. Don't worry, I refrained, but the only way I got over it was writing them down. They're dumb, I don't know why I would want other people to see these but lo I cannot stop myself and therefore must show everyone through this blog.

Kelsey Scott- what's on your mind? Oh just this:

  • I've obviously been writing on a laptop too long when my right pinkie falls asleep and refuses to do anything. I must not be using enough semi colons.
  • I just wrote the only exception in my paper.... now I can't help but sing that and every paramore song before I continue.
  • Anyone who knows Italian and wants to translate 700 year old sonnets for me please come visit.
  • I'm hungry. For those who love me please bring me some kind of food. If you can't find me I'm the loner in the corner of the library surrounded by books. If that doesn't help listen for the soft sound of my hunger pains.
  • I just went to the bathroom and when I came out, everyone was staring at me. Was I loud or something? All I did was wash my hands.

I don't think those are good enough for me to change my status... So I'll just stick with the one I have.

p.s. how lame is this post? Who writes about status updates... haha.


Handsome Harrison

Today Megan, my mom and I all happened to watch my favorite movie, Sabrina. I can't get enough of it! It's the movie I watch when I'm bored, sad, happy, in love, lonely, grumpy.... pretty much every emotion. I've watched the older version with Audrey Hepburn and yes it's touching, but the version done in 1995 does something to me. I get chills, they're electrifying. It might be the anticipation as I wait for Sabrina to realize she loves Linus, or all the great one liners... Or, it might be that Harrison Ford is a fox. Well I guess he's kind of old now, so we can say he is a silver fox. What a dreamy guy. Sure, he has an earring but we can all look past that one minor negative and see what this hunk of manhood really is! He is my cup of tea, the tugger of my heart strings, my one and only. Why? Because I love star wars, and he's my dreamboat as Han Solo. I love Indiana Jones, and he's the epitome of rugged and heroic. Everything he's been in I've pretty much fallen head over heels with. The Fugitive? Oh don't even get me started. What a saint! If you're thinking: "This girl is nuts", then let me justify my love with a few pictures.

my desktop? maybe.
perfect face? Yep.
muscles much? Oh beating heart be still.
best. role. ever.
that's my silver fox! haha.

Is it weird that I would kiss such an old man? I don't think so.

p.s. I'm kind of a creep.

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