Day Two: Nine Things

Nine Things About Yourself

1. I get freaked out when people have really big lips. When I'm talking to someone with such I tend to stare. Don't even ask about how I feel when they do the kissy face...
2. I wish on a daily basis that I was a good swimmer. It's probably because I spend so much time at the pool lookout.  
3. I am terrified of asking people for anything. I used to have my mom order for me. I won't say how long ago it was when that changed...
4. When I go home to visit I resort to a child-like state because I feel like a mom up here sometimes. My parents love it. :)
5. I used to think that the mom grew an umbilical cord out their belly button to the baby and that's how they were connected...?
6. I have a mole in the very middle of my chin and most people mistake it for a dimple. 
7. I like to think that I can hide my emotions extremely well from most people. I will be the first to admit I am a little fake when I first meet people.
8. My favorite colour to wear is red.
9. I wear a wooden ring on my left ring finger at all times without fail and it is beauuutiful.

Oh, and P.S. I was taking a picture of my new hair on photobooth and I found these. Enjoy! hahah.

I have an afro?
One day Scott came to school dressed up as a prof.
It snowed again?
 And now... For my hair. Do you like my new colour better?

Before- super red hair!
After- blonde hair! (I was in the library and too embarrassed to pose)

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