Day One: Ten Things

Ten Things You Want To Say To Ten People Right Now

Dear Mom,
I miss your cooking. Can you please send me a roast and carrots in the mail?

Dear Dad,
Remember that book you gave me? I have to look up every third word in the dictionary.

Dear Grammar Classmates,
Why do you all have to be fourth year English majors and school me so bad? I hate grammar class.

Dear J-Biebs Wannabe,
Yes, I see that you're asian and attractive but if you smile at me one more time and wink... I may just cut your overly done hair RIGHT off.

Dear Meg,
Get up here quicker and help pick me out some new boots please. Don't forget the frozen goods...

Dear BJ,
When I am sad, I go see what you wrote last on your Facebook to one of your princesses. I don't know what made you decide I'm Swedish, but I'll go with it.

Dear Daft Punk,
Thank you for the Tron soundtrack. It's legit.

Dear current hair colour,
Goodbye. I will not miss our time together.

Dear water aerobics swim class,
Sometimes I study at the pool just to watch you. Actually I'm watching you right now. Do that dolphin move again? Haha thanks.

Dear Roomies,
You da best.

Oh and P.S. they're still doing the dolphin move. This is the best day.

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