Dearest Mother

Today's my mom's birthday. She's so great! I love my mom so much. Here are a few of the main things I love:

1.  All my friends love coming over because my mom always brings out great treats and has to make sure everyone's comfortable. She's the one parent that kids would be fine having hang out with them downstairs.
2. She is a great cook... I love coming home and eating whatever is put in front of me. And I like how she's also a lovely singer but she doesn't broadcast it at all, she's modest like that.
3. She's so little and cute to me!
4. She can talk to anyone about anything. I will be in the most random place and I mention I'm her daughter and the conversation turns around completely and they instantly like me because they like her.
5. She has the best laugh. It's a little bit of a cackle but you can't help but laugh too. She has the greatest sense of humor!
6. She's a powerhouse. I love that I had a mom with a career who showed me how successful hard work can make someone.
7. I love that she has some country girl in her. She knows her way around the farm.
8. She is the most selfless person I know, even my friends comment to me about how giving my parents are. She will do anything for anyone no matter how much it takes out of her.
9. She has ALOT of patience. She is the nursery leader and those kids love her. I don't know how she does it.
10. She still tries to hold my hand and loves to snuggle. I'll always be her baby!

I love you mom! Happy birthday!


No Wonder...

There is this boy in my anthropology class. He has shiny hair, a great smile, wears lovely clothes and sometimes when we sit by each other I hear him make funny jokes to his friends. I could like this boy, I just know it. So a few days ago I decided while we were sitting by eachother I would strike up a conversation, but the starting line had to be perfect and inviting. I came up with three options:

"Hey sorry, but can I by chance steal your notes from last class? I zoned out for parts of the lecture..." No, that wouldn't be right I have to seem smart and dedicated! 

"Hi, I'm Kelsey. Let's be friends?" Lame. But finally I thought of the perfect one...

 I decided that I would just forget a pen and ask him kindly for one. That's a good conversation starter... So, today I pretended to frantically look through my bag, whipped my newly dyed shiny hair over my shoulder for him to see, and turned and asked: "Hey can I borrow a pen or something? I can't find mine..."

 He turned and smiled a perfectly white smile in my direction while taking off his coat and said he would lend me one after he disentangled himself from his jacket; (haha, he's so cute.)  but then the unthinkable happened. I went from looking at those pearly whites to the bright pink shirt that was slowly revealing itself as more jacket came off (it wasn't the cute pink guys can pull off) and saw this: 

"RHA-- proudly supporting all gays, lesbians, and transexuals on campus."

My crush is gay. No wonder his v-necks were so low and his jokes so funny. 


Can't... Stop.

It's official. I have an online shopping addiction. I haven't purchased anything yet... But it's coming, that ever looming day when I will give in and give them my credit card number. It's just so much nicer than in real life. I can't feel the money slipping out my fingers as they ask to take my cash or debit, I'm willingly giving it to them. It's almost as if the transaction never happened, like it was all a dream but I still get adorable clothes in the end. I've tried to keep myself controlled. I usually just browse the same stores every other day but I can tell I'm growing weaker when I once even typed in my number only to quickly delete it and shut off my computer to prevent further temptation. But the thing is, I really need a new skirt, and all the stores I look at have adorable clothes for reasonable prices. Oh life is difficult. Here are my top three... I love these outfits.
oh and might I add this dress is only 29.99! I almost cried when I saw it.


I'm Just A Baby!

Today I realized I am not an adult. What exactly am I? A baby, and for various reasons:

1. I am terrified of lots of things (especially heights and most recently fidgety drivers) -- so I'm a wussy baby.
2. I'm the youngest of the family-- so I'm a literal baby.
3. I cry and whine about school and being tired, alot-- so I'm a fussy baby.
4. I get grossed out really easily, especially when it comes to bodily functions-- so I'm a poopy baby. (I thought that was clever, haha.)
5. Today in English class we read very sexual poems and I was so embarrassed my voice kept cracking when it was my turn to read an extra risque stanza-- I don't know what kind of baby that is, but it's a baby.

Speaking of babies... My sister Amy has some pretty adorable ones. It's also her birthday! Happy birthday Amy! I love you!

And I have a special treat for you. I promised myself this video would never be seen by anyone... But i found it today and it's kind of funny.

And if you're wondering... this is what i said:
"I'm so hungry."
"Wow that was so fast! I feel like I just fell asleep."
"I haven't been sedated since I had a baby" (?)
and then something about asking to be put to sleep please.


Do I Even Live In Edmonton?

 I remember thinking about this upcoming semester and believing I wouldn't come home very much.. maybe twice. Well, that is false. I feel like I am just visiting Edmonton and I really still live at home. Its actually saved me lots of money on groceries and I haven't had to do my laundry up here yet, but my bishop may or may not think I'm inactive haha.
 This weekend was really fun! I saw all my friends and was finally able to be myself around people I KNEW, relive high school by watching some basketball (why can't I go back?!) and I was able to play with Tay and Tal before I went out with friends for Max's last night before his farewell. It was great! I took some awesome pictures and I was able to relax and be in my REAL home and listen to one of my best buds in church! A lovely, lovely weekend. :)
not edited. I promise!

ha look at that cute face.       
isn't she gorgeous?!



Sunshine In My Soul

I've been sitting in a library for an hour after a terrible midterm with a macadamia calorie infused cookie in hand and do I feel down? No way! What is my remedy for such positivity? Sunlight. Honestly I think light is the best medicine to any broken heart, cold, depression, you name it. I can't remember a time when after feeling terrible I went outside and didn't feel some rejuvenation. I remember once getting into a really bad fight with my mom and dad (about something so ridiculous) and I stomped out of the house. It was sunday morning and I was already in my sunday dress. No way in heck was I going to church with those losers... I didn't ever want to see their faces again! So I drove away without any indication where I was going and ended up on a bench at the fish pond. It was pretty early and I had walked almost the whole trail in my high heels... I had about 20 minutes before church started so I could make but in my attitude the chances of such were looking low. I sat and moped on a bench by my favorite tree on the north side near the creek. It is seriously beautiful if you walk down... So i climbed up and dangled my feet over the water. I said hello to a few people I knew who were walking by on the trail and they all gave me a confused look. Finally I just got hit by this HUGE stream of light. The clouds had parted and it suddenly turned into a gorgeous day. I smiled and closed my eyes and felt instantly better. Why was I mad over something so stupid? I couldn't even remember what it was about by the time I was feeling completely better. I hopped off the tree and made it to sacrament just in time where I sat down beside my parents who didn't even blink an eye to see me come back. I love sunlight! It's not just a bunch of rays coming down on you... It's emotions. Sure it burns my skin, but thats not it's fault its my lack of pigmentation. I am so happy it's spring finally... It got pretty risky up here when the weather was really bad. I felt like giving up. I even went and bought vitamin D supplements... haha. No use. I needed the real thing and now I finally have it. I love spring, blue skies, shorts, and the never ending heat. I'm so happy winter is finally done!
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