My Friendly Friend Scott

Normally I strongly oppose to posts like this, but I'm emotional and I think it's high time I introduce everyone to someone...

This is my friend Scott:

he likes to go on adventures with me.

 Whether it's going to David Archuletta concerts,
(haha, I love this picture)

writing a message in a bottle,

painting with me,


or even taking me to the Remington Carriage Museum! (haha)

He's always taking me fishing,

throwing up the breakfasts I make him,

or serenading me with a guitar :)

oh, and sometimes gives in and plays dress up with me.

 We like visiting temples.

and taking cheesy pictures at political buildings?

Sometimes he can be a creep? haha

but I can look past it.

Probably because I'm bribed with flowers.

This is my friend Scott, and he leaves for his mission real soon!

I'm gonna miss my ginger friend.


  1. Awe cute kels! These pictures are so cute! :)

  2. This made me cry..... :( cute post though.

  3. Me too! I also laughed a lot too. Man that fish is HUGE!!!!

    Angie K

  4. Congrats Kels - you made Dad have a scrunchy face....again. Funny thing is that we'll miss him too.

  5. aww that post was presh. i'm gonna miss that kid! call me when you need a snuggle kels :)

  6. Made me cry Kelsey....I can hardly see the keyboard
    love you....


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