The Book of Awesome

Since moving home my days have consisted of me dying of boredom watching Family Feud... unless I really wanna spice things up and I turn to Million Matchmaker. I'm someone who likes to be busy so I haven't been the happiest camper lately. To cheer myself up I bought the Book of Awesome two weekends ago. It's a book made from a blog by a guy who's life seemed to be falling apart. In order to cheer himself up he started writing a thousand things in life that were AWESOME, like parking lot pull throughs or when you find your keys after looking for forever. I've always thought most blogs were pretty silly (yet I have one?), but this guy shows that some can actually be for good. I think everyone should aspire to have their blogs like this. Here's what I've thought has been awesome lately:

1. I watched Quigley Down Under for the first time since I was a kid. Oh Tom Selleck, what great one-liners come out of moustached mouth of yours: "That little boy been eating like his belly button been rubbin' a blister on his backbone."

2. Don't you love when you walk into someone's room and their mirror isn't straight up against the wall? Slanted mirrors are a gift from heaven. They make your legs look longer and leaner and give you hope in wearing your tightest jeans again. So take those mirrors of those walls ladies and look your best!

3. Actors who before they became famous were in really embarrassing commercials. Cool fact, Courtney Cox was the first person to ever say period on tv! haha.

The Evangeline Lily commercial is my personal favorite. I feel like she really gives hope to all those late night "single's phone line" ladies that they may just get their big break too. Inspiring.

4. When you're visiting at someone's house and you go to eat breakfast and they have all of your favourite cereal.

Is there any better way to start your day? I think not.

5. When normal people have names of funny celebrities. The other day a lady on an ITT-Tech commercial was named Diana Ross and then I met another girl named Pamela Anderson. It was such a treat.

6. When you realize you haven't worn makeup for a couple weeks and you have gotten used to how you look without it. Another personal favorite is celebrities without make up on.
Sorry Goldie Hawn. Is it just me or does she kinda look like Jack Nicholson?

7.  When 14 year old girls start their own "photography business". Why yes, you are legitimate because you used a paint program and wrote your name on a picture. Haha, adorable!

8. This video. Suck it Jack Layton! 

Oh, and P.S. Check out Neil Pasricha on TED. AWESOME!

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