I Love:

My mom. I know the day has passed but I just want to say I love her. She is the sweetest, funniest, most amazing woman around. I know every one thinks that of their mom... But then they meet mine and agree she's the best (I wish I was joking ;) ). She loves everyone and can carry a conversation like nobody's business. I always mention I'm her daughter when meeting someone because then they automatically like me, and let me say I haven't met that many people down here who don't know her. She is adorable and strong (physically and emotionally; I have yet to beat her in a wrestle). She's the best grandma around and I love her. What mom other than my own would give ME presents on Mother's Day and be okay that I gave her peelers? (I'm a very practical gift giver haha) She also made a sign for my birthday sunday dinner that says "Birthday's a plenty, Kelsey is 20!" hahaha. She is so cute. I love the moms in my life. My beautiful sisters, my cute grandmas, and my mother. Mother's Day has always been special because often my birthday dinner or actual birthday fall on it and I see my mom in action feeding 20 people on a day where she deserves to relax. I love mothers I think there's no higher calling for a woman.

Just a side note, I'm 20 today. Let's hope this birthday picks up because I didn't sleep all night and have been sick this morning. :) Maybe it's a sign of old age? I definitely noticed a difference in myself when I looked in the mirror this morning.

Oh, and P.S. how cute is this girl? I get to live with her next year! yaaaa!

aaaaand it looks like i'm going to be getting braces again. third time's a charm!


  1. Thanks for the tribute honey and by the way - I not only needed the peelers you gave me, I loved them!! I really don't know what I did to deserve the best four girls in the world as you and your sisters.

  2. PS - Happy Birthday today! Love you so much.

  3. well that was just presh. your mama is da best! and I also am very excited to live with you next year!


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