Ridin' Dirty

I think my parents feel bad about how pathetic my life is right now because...

Look what my mom brought home yesterday! Remember a while back when everyone bought bikes like this? It drove me nuts because it was such a fad. Now I'm taking back all the eye rolling I did that summer because I have actually ended up loving mine. The seat is so wide and luxurious and I've been day dreaming for the past two days about carrying a little picnic and white kitten in that basket. 

I now understand everyone's love. I'm not following the fad if it's a gift though, right? Oh well, I love my new riiiiide. Yesterday I rode around town feeling very Zooey Deschanel-esque off 500 Days of Summer.

Oh, and P.S. don't mind the gloves, I had been weeding. Or the hair... I haven't showered all week. When all you do is watch the game show network and eat lunch with your mom there isn't much need to.


  1. we had the pink lady before it became a fad. they're good fun bikes for cruisin' around town in. good ol' lodawg----sucha trend pimp!

  2. No big deal Kels we just have matching bikes... Like completely to a T matching bikes! I feel that next time in Magrath we should go an a little cruise?


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