Oh My Barf

Dear DRMA class,

That girl who was dry-heaving throughout the whole final over her papers? That was me. I'm sorry you had to see me throw up in the garbage and then wonder where I was as I nearly passed out in the bathroom and threw up some more. Looks like constantly saying "Oh my barf" became quite literal for me. I blame the booster juice I had yesterday... Or maybe the spoonful of cinnamon... Or possibly the junior bacon cheeseburger (I'm so healthy). Oh, and professor? I really appreciate that you just smiled at me through it all and simply said, "well, good luck!" You have a heart of gold. To defend myself this is what I'd been like for the past day. 

My sincerest apologies,

Your Classmate

Oh, and P.S. I ended up getting through the test if anyone's wondering. I just wanna give a shout out to everyone who pampered me and let me have some of their drugs; I feel a little better today. I'm also having a bitter sweet moment in my life because I'm moving home tomorrow. I will miss you Edmonton! You have been good to me.

Cyaaaaaa! Wouldn't wanna be ya me? 


  1. gross! that happened to be in grade 9 once...in the middle of an english exam...miss pilling was much more sympathetic though!

  2. oh this sounds awful! im sorry! hope you're feeling better.

    just found your blog and loveee it!


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