Dance Dance and Jo-Hans

My mom is a little dancer. She has this one move she calls "The Stroke Dance". 
Yes, she does mean stroke as in the disturbance of blood flow to the brain that often results in a lack of movement on one side of the body. It's really quite a treat, especially when I'm sitting in my bed at night and she comes in doing it. Enjoy.

I wrote this post about my friend Jordan on her birthday but didn't post it... I felt like it today.

We have been friends since the ripe age of 4 when I moved to Magrath. Jo and I are really alike in some ways and really different in others.

We live just around the corner from each other, our mothers used to dress us identical when we would sing at ward parties, we were always dance duet partners, and with our birthdays 5 days apart we even had joined parties.We were usually around the same height, always using the same phrases, and at times even similar hair, like when we both had perms in grade 4 (cuuuuute),  until Jordan's "hansen brothers" haircut in grade 7 (sorry, i couldn't resist).  I remember when we used to go swimming people would come up and ask us if we were twins. I don't think it's because we look a like but because if you're around us enough you start noticing we have really similar mannerisms. We laugh loud; we snort; we burp like nobody's business.

 I love cats and she's allergic to them, though that never stopped her from still sleeping over even if she'd sneeze the entire time. When we walk into a mall Jordan automatically takes my wallet in her purse because she knows I'll lose it. She's responsible with her things, whereas I can't even carry a purse. Jordan's all about the adventure and I'm the stickler afraid to break the rules.

When something exciting happens all we have to do is text: "I have stories" and the other automatically stops what they're doing to hear the news. Jo has seen me cry more than anyone else, which everyone who knows me knows is a rare thing... until lately (I blame it on relief society!). I remember in high school there was this girl who despised me and one day I was venting to my friends. Jo just simply said, "Well, I don't like her. If she doesn't like you I don't like her." I think to this day she still doesn't like her haha. She's got my back.

I have all my best memories with this girl.

Oh, and P.S. my mom and I saw a movie tonight and there were dance moves like this on it. Direct quote from my mom (in a serious tone): "I really like those dance moves!" haha she's so cute.


  1. Hey Kelsey! It's your cousin Tiff, I was just wondering if you are working right now or if you might be interested in watching my little boy, Morgan, 1 or 2 days this week. I am working a couple shifts at the hospital. ( you can totally say no if you are a babysitting hater like I always was, I won't be offended,lol). Anyways, let me know if you're interested.
    403-593-4542 or giff7@hotmail.com

  2. The stroke dance is for family only now everyone will try and copy my moves. Also - the bust a move video at the end does not resemble the moves I liked in the movie, none of them are dressed enough and your sweet little neice Taylor said 'It sure shows their butts alot' hence us having to stop it after 10.5 seconds into it.


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