This Is What Happens

When Kelsey meets Instagram on her phone. It's an instant love affair.


I had to show my ugly nail polish.

It's kept me company these past few unemployed days. Thanks buddy, you're a true friend.

You know who else are true friends? These ladies.
...And the ones not shown in this picture- this is the only one thats recent.
 I love them all. 
A few took me to ice cream for my birthday and even though after I left them I had a quarter life crisis (or a 1/5 life crisis if we're going to optomistic) in the Shopper's parking lot, which we shall never speak of again (I'm afraid of aging ok?), I know I always have my girls. 

1 comment:

  1. i'm noticing a pattern here...with the 20th birthday meltdowns! we're pathetic! it really shouldnt be that bad to turn 20! so i don't know what it is that is making us have these breakdowns!


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