The Finer Things

There are some things in life that make it wonderful. For me it's when I wake up in the morning and I remember that I don't have to shower or my hair is already straightened and I can sleep for ten more minutes. It's when the snow starts melting outside and it turns slushy and its fun to walk on. It's when I find cute notes from my roommates saying they love me. It's when my mom just happens to know I'm forgetting something and out of the blue will text me: "Remember you have this... Or good luck on that assignment due tomorrow!" What a lifesaver.

Such moments include ones like when I take off my boots and my socks don't come off or the zit on my chin that I swear I've had for about 6 months disappears for a day or two. It's when I come across a band that I instantly love and no one knows about them or when I meet people in the music room who are legit prodigies. It's when I'm sitting in a class and I realize how much I love what I'm doing and that I actually have a passion for it. It's when I sit on the train and I'm one of the only white people. It's when Jeopardy and The Office are on at the same time and I can flip back and forth, or when I watch Modern Family for too long and I seem to naturally develop a Columbian accent after.

It's the gospel, it's kisses from nieces and nephews, it's getting flowers, and it's white hot chocolate after walking down Whyte Ave.

 I would have to say that makes up a pretty good list of everything that makes my life better, but today it was these:

my new favorite app.
p.s. I know I wasn't going to blog... but these are gems.


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