Sonnet 130

Is it weird that I just go to my prof's office and we talk? I need honest input on this. Anyways, he is awesome! He's this little Italian man who says things like: "when you're the best like me, you don't have any rules" or "sometimes there are some real twits in this office, so I just pretend they don't exist".  I am mesmerized by the fact that such a little foreign man can have such spunk. Speaking with him yesterday made me realize 3 things:

1. I kind of want to be him. Anyone who can quote D.H. Lawrence, Milton, T.S. Eliot and Shakespeare so readily is my hero. What I also really like is that he applies everything he reads to his life. Yesterday we discussed Shakespeare's Sonnet # 130 (my favorite, please go read!) and discussed girl's perceptions on themselves and most of all how being in love changes your perceptions. By the end of the conversation I felt like my whole mind set towards not only myself but towards other women was completely changed. I am not perfect, but there is someone out there who will think I am so I need to change my self perception and start being the girl that guy believes I am. When you read the sonnet you're not going to get that out of it the first read so feel free to talk to me! You're thoughts on yourself will be changed too...

2. I realized I have more in my life than he ever will. No matter how much he reads and studies he will never be able to feel completely fulfilled. This man is old and single and his whole life revolves around his job. It made me very grateful for the gospel and the happiness it brings. I feel like I have a purpose and I know without it my life would be futile. Can I just say something funny quick? So he asked why I was sad last Tuesday and I said: "Oh my boyfriend left for two years on his mission." He said: "Oh ya, because you're mormon right? Where is he going?" I told him yes and Atlanta, Georgia. He then told me to just go visit him and I would feel a lot better. I explained I couldn't because he needed to be devoted. He was absolutely shocked. After a moment of thinking, this was his reply: "Well any man who would leave a lovely lady for two years is just a plain old idiot." hahaha, his face was priceless. I eventually explained it was a good thing he left, but only after I laughed for a while.

3. I noticed that I am surrounded by wonderful, helpful, caring people. I have great parents who are the most selfless loving people I know and who spoil me way too much. I have the cutest grandparents in the universe and they are all so different and special to me. I have sisters who are all different and wonderful examples to me and put me to shame in how gorgeous they are. I have friends who pick me up when I need them to and understand me completely and I have no fear of being myself in front of them. I have roommates, who are also my friends, that are okay with snuggling and watching friends and are so understanding. I have professors I get along with who are so helpful and seem to understand that I am not an organized person and my life is usually in shambles. I have the best ward in history, no competition. I just have the best examples around me! I am so so so grateful!


  1. my mom just said she used to go visit her prof in uni all the time too...

    but her prof was a NUN!

  2. hahahahahah! italian, nun. they're the same right?


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