Cats In The Cradle

When I was 17 I had the cutest kitten in the whole world; Her name was Sophie. She was white and fluffy with one green eye and one blue eye and completely deaf. I LOVED HER. One time I was sleeping in a tent in Jordan's back yard a block from my house and Sophie came and found me in the tent and we had a lovely time snuggling. Other times she would wait at the corner of the intersection by my house and wait until she saw me coming home and run up and I'd hug her all the way back. When she would get in fights at 3 in the morning I would wake up because I recognized her cry and go and save her. hahaha I know I sound crazy. Don't judge? Seriously though, best cat ever. For those who hate cats you don't understand how awesome she was.

She had her downfalls though; like the time she chased Amelia all the way home (hahahaha) and sometimes she would have seizures but I was always by her side to smack her out of them. I know that's not the most logical manner to fix the problem but they seemed to work. Seriously we were the best of the best of friends and no other pet will ever measure up to her.

After blissful months together (why is this sounding like a romance novel?) our family went on a vacation and I came home to the worst of news. She had been climbing a fence and must have had a seizure and died. I was heart broken and wanted to pay her tribute until my mom said I would have to dig the hole so then I got over it quick and they took her somewhere to dispose of her. I tried to replace her with another cat but I hated it so much it didn't even really get a name and it wouldn't stop biting my nose. I still miss her sometimes and my roommates always laugh at me when I talk to her because it's so emotional. I promise I'm not a crazy cat lady.

You might be wondering why I'm talking about this but the thing is we have a mouse problem in our house. We've been brainstorming for days what to do next since our traps aren't working and I can't think of any other solution than this: a kitten. Poison might work but it seems so harsh. I'd rather have a lovable creature to snuggle and purr by my ear every night who gets them instead. So if anyone has a white kitten out there, preferably deaf, then send it my way please! (This is also a hint for a Christmas present.)

Sophie 2.0, are you out there?


  1. She was awesome!! And you cat after her the one whose name was always different was the devil. You can have Prada. She is about the size of a kitten though she is probably not smart enough to train to catch mice.

  2. Kelsey there are some for sale in the next town from me. I have a cat now and I love Max (that's his name) If you want I could find more info out they are white fluffy ones. I could bring it down with me at Christmas. Let me know K TTYS

    Angie K

  3. I retract any anti-cat comments I have ever made. Please show me how wonderful they are.

  4. you are NOT a crazy cat lady. some people just don't understand the bond you can have with a kitty. i saw a cat with NO ears the other day...that's almost like being deaf right? i'll shove him in my purse for you the next time i see him.

  5. i understand. i no longer have jasper, and he was the best pet ever. where we differ is: i never want another pet because they will never be as good as him. :)

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  7. awwww i miss sophie too! hahah the time in the tent was hilarious! caroline was so freaked out lol. oh man. she was a great cat. Even tho she made me sick everytime i slept over


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