I'm Cold

Dear Bad Day,

Please, keep getting worse. I'm actually curious how much more terrible you can make this. Thanks to you I am currently sitting on my step locked out of the house with no phone. Thank goodness there is wi-fi so I can message every person I know to come let me in but of course, none of them are answering. I'll just keep being a stress case because I need to finish my history paper and print it or get to tithing settlement in a half hour. I mean really you are just making my life grand. I am so happy that today of all days you decided to dump your suckiness on my life. Oh and did I mention I'm freezing? That is really the cherry on top to everything.

I hope we never meet again.

Rest in you know where,


The only good thing about days like this is that I always get the best song stuck in my head. Today, it's this one.


  1. :( Poor Kelsey I hope you get everything done on time ~HUGS~
    Angie K

  2. So this post was hilarious/incredibly well written. I think you should be an author.


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