Video Killed The Radio Star

I feel like my blog is boring. Should I just delete this thing? I'm really starting to consider it. Anyways, today is a day of videos! I'm gonna show you two I've been watching recently.

1. I made this one for my DRMA class for an assignment. I was originally just supposed to take a few days and tape people around me and see what their reactions were so I could write a paper about how one changes when put on a public device or something equally as boring as that, but I ended up not being able to stop getting over how funny it was to sneak up on one of the girls with a camera (haha... creepy?). I wasn't allowed to tell my roommates why I was video taping them and I also had to try to be as secretive about doing it as possible... Let's just say I learned that secrets aren't my forte; I usually just started laughing. So yesterday I found this and noticed I had lots of other clips I could put on it that were random and ended even putting it to a song. It's really poorly done but I just want everyone to see how cute my roommates are! We're looking for a girl to fill a spot this spring if you're interested! :) haha... See how I snuck that last part in there?

DRMA 102- Reactions from Kelsey Scott on Vimeo.

2. I don't have an explanation for this one, just a question. What the eff is with the deer legs at the end? I'm so confused. Weirdest video ever... and I like how they slip in the sunglasses advertisement in the end. So subtle! Watch it here.

Oh, and P.S. I am loooovin' this weather!


  1. Haha best video ever!!!!!!? This truly does show the different sides of all of us! I'll try not to be upset with the clips of me in it...haha LOVE YOU GIRLY!

  2. soo for the record I would be very sad if you deleted your blog. Your posts are seriously my favorite. They always make me laugh.

  3. hahaha i love strings! what a cracka.

  4. I was just going to say, Strings in that video is RICH. When you caught her staring off into space, hahaha oh nice one.


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