Awesomely Awkward

Top 5 awkward (and maybe a little bit awesome) events in my life lately:

5. Me trying to look like I'm from the 50s, red lipstick included. I can't pull it off...

4. Helping pin Kennedy's dress and basically molesting her in the process because I'm so bad at it.

3. Going on a late night drive around Edmonton last night in hopes of seeing a "lady of the night" (aka prostitute)

2.5 The fact that I'm watching Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights on tv as I'm writing this... oops?

2. Dancing so aggressively at Color Night last night that I woke up this morning with a sore back. Direct quote from a friend: "I saw the true nerd come out of you at that dance..."

1. Having a dream about Christopher Walken two nights ago.... we made out.

Side note though, we all looked really colourful and springy! I think winter has finally left!

Oh, and P.S. I deactivated my facebook account. Craaaaazy. So I'm sorry for the overload of pictures that will most likely occur on this blog now.

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