I Got A Fever.

I feel like I never have a theme to my posts, I more just have things I want my mom to know about. This post can be about fevers (the christopher walken kinda feva!).

 This is what I've got a fever for lately:

1. I've got a creative fever and the only prescription was the shirts we made for kicks last weekend. Next up, a pant suit.

This is Chris, he's single ladies.
Insert your own thought for the blowfish.
Cutesy, right? I love narwhals ?
If you don't know what this shirt is talking about.. Look here. Classic.

Having Chris draw Christopher Walken on his shirt only days after my uhh... "special" dream, only one word came to mind: destiny. A sign that I need to get in contact with him and build a solid relationship. Maybe I should write the guy a letter or something; we could be pen pals! Or maybe I can be his young friend who's always causing havoc like off Dennis the Menace and he secretly loves me and ends up saving my life? Minus the overalls and chic-let teeth of course. It would be legendary.

2. I've got a fever for my favourite tunes and the only prescription is Genius. This is my study playlist today. 

3. I've got a stress fever and the only prescription is... less stress? Remember once upon a time I said I was becoming a "go with the flow" kinda gal? Well it seems that was just a fling, not a long term relationship. I am back to my old self and usually with stress comes the inability to sleep (no joke I was averaging 3 hours last week). One night after being fed up with such I took a sleeping pill and then forgot I needed to go straight to bed. I don't really remember anything other than texting a bunch of randoms and being really emotional. In the morning I found that I had texted Scott "ruff ruff"... like a puppy. Good news though, I'm done tomorrow! HALLELUJAH.

4. I've got a winter fever and the only prescription is summer. Bridge jumping, hiking, Magrath Days (everyone come support our town! haha), rollerblading, putting dead fish in Janna's house, the whole works you guys! Probably minus the dead fish though... That might have been a one time thing.

5.  I've got an annoyance fever and the only prescription is for me to be done with my calling. Is that bad? I'm just really sick of being a ward group leader... Can I just say really quick it's not necessary to have hour and a half meetings after church every sunday? Especially when in reality we could do them in a half hour. gah!

And that's all I can think of for now.

Oh, and P.S. wanna see what I had to do this weekend after I lost in silent football? Worst experience of my life. My face at the end is the saddest thing you'll ever see. 

Untitled from Kelsey Scott on Vimeo.


  1. chris and i go WAY back...we were EFY buddies in rexburg! (and yes single ladies, he's truly a gem!)

  2. Is that Ryan saying "Keep getting better"? That's a true doctor right there. Haha. Worst face ever! I feel bad for ya, but the shirts were awwwesome!

  3. Oh Matty, always so supportive during tough times.

  4. That is great but sad.... Haha what did you eat? I kind of want you to make Dustin try it at moms. Mean but funny remember he is the guy who make the animal sounds of the meat I am eating he has it coming to him.
    Was your night on sleeping pills when you texted me about Ryan still loving the comets?

  5. Don't mind my awful grammar. It's hard typing everything on this iPad.


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