Six Six Six?

I reach for my sixth kleenex as I watch Avatar for the sixth time and eat my sixth handful of munchies. It's a beautiful thing.  I've always enjoyed even matching numbers.Actually, isn't triple six like satanic? I'll find something else and do it for the six time just to be safe.  I think I'm a little OCD?

 Anyways, you know what's not beautiful? I've been home for six days and have accomplished nothing other than the expansion of my stomach. It's odd to think but I kinda miss Edmonton. I miss swimming and seeing my roommates everyday where we'd snuggle and talk about anything and everything. I love my parents don't get me wrong, but I can't exactly talk about what couples I like and don't like and if I think they're going to get married or other such young adult topics. I'm a liiiiiittle excited to drive home tomorrow. Did I just call Edmonton home? Maybe I'm just tired. That must be it.

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  1. Well Kelsey since you were using your sixth kleenex watching Avitar six times and eating your sixth handful of candy. Being all worried about 666, remember it was on your sixth day home which makes four sixes, so your safe. There's nothing satanic about that. Now if you are into the three of a kind numbers then watch Avitar one more time eat one more handful of candy and pick up a lotto ticket and make sure it's a card game one where you can get 777 on it (21) and get some money :) I know gambling is wrong so don't really do it....

    Angie K


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