May has been an expensive month for me because:

  • I got a photo radar right before the airport.
  • I got pulled over for not having my car lights on at 8 o clock at night, when it's still light out. But then I remembered when I had changed cars at the last minute before leaving I left my license in the other resulting in an expensive ticket.
  • I'm getting a new car.
  • My insurance for that car is ridiculous.
  • I missed a whole week of work because of rain. Not necessarily expensive but I could've used that thousand dollars.
  • I keep going to movies that I can't afford to go to.
  • My phone bill is ridiculous because of long distance calling.
Actually I have a confession. This has all happened in the last two weeks. So far, I'm not liking May and I can't wait for June to come. T- 3.5 hours. 
the wind broke my umbrella.

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  1. Did you decide on a car? I love this picture of you too cute!!


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