What The H?

Today a hutterite man came up to me and said this: 

"You know I can only see you with half of my left eye, but I can tell you're wearing glasses, you're beautiful, and you have red hair."

 Those last four words were an arrow through my heart. I do not have red hair. That colour is haunting me. I will not admit to being a ginger. It's STRAWBERRY BLONDE. There may be an orange tinge but certainly not enough for a blind man to notice. I'm seriously distraught. I have always been blonde but this whole year I've had people constantly calling me a ginger or commenting on my red hair. They're wrong, I just know it. I'm sure if I stood next to Lohan or Carrot Top they would take their malicious comments back. I just need to surround myself with all of my red headed friends, then people will recognize that oh so lovely colour radiating off my scalp: blonde. 

BUT, this should probably have some positivity. He did say I was beautiful, which eased the pain and also said it was great to see a girl working harder than the boys around her. :)

does this look like red to you? please give me your thoughts.


  1. Knowing how this would make ME feel, I have to let you know that you are blonde as blonde can be.

    And Miley Cyrus has gone Britney Spears on us.

  2. HAHA! it only looks red in some lighting... definitely strawberry BLONDE.

  3. you do not have red hair. and i am not just saying this because matt would tease you to no end if he thought you did. you dont. this is clearly because you have been in edmonton for so long that your hair didnt get the wonderful sun that is only found in southern alberta.

  4. hahahha. this was hilarious. for the record, i never thought you had red hair. definitely blonde if you ask me.


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