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Finishing classes renewed all of my ambitions. Pants were exchanged for shorts, spirits were lifted, and I felt like this summer would be so astronomically illustrious that my very self would be changed into something magnificent. So, to ensure the likelihood of this, I wrote a summer bucket list. Thinking it was a unique and thoughtful idea, I soon found out I was wrong. Turns out people do this all the time and I am not very innovative. But you know what? I really like mine and I've managed to even do two! So enjoy.

Summer Bucket List

  • Write a message in a bottle.
  • Give blood.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Sit in a field and read the Book of Mormon all day.
  • Test drive a car.
  • Finish a Sudoku without cheating.
  • Listen to my iPod all the way through without stopping.
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day.
  • Go to Banff for the first time.
  • Climb a hike I've never heard of.
  • Try to take a nap in a bedding store.
  • Get my fishing license.
  • Make my own pasta.
  • Make fire the old fashioned way (caveman style).
  • Host a theme party.
  • Bury a time capsule.
  • Actually try to paint something.
  • Write about a year of my life.
  • Watch every James Bond movie.
  • Leave my mark in graffiti (instead of falling asleep in the car).
  • Not suck at golf as much.
  • The ultimate practical joke.
  • Learn 5 odd constellations and find them one night.
  • Set up a blind date between friends (currently in the works). 
  • No junk food for two weeks.
  • No phone for one week.
  • Carve a watermelon.
  • Bike to Lethbridge.
  • Find the next great book.
  • Carve a charm necklace.
  • Not have as red of hair anymore.
  • Get a tan on my legs.

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    1. Wow Kelsey I think I can help you do a few in one day o.k. here it goes. Get up SUPER early for sunrise hop your bum on your bike and put your ipod on. Start peddling and listening to those songs. When you get to Lethbridge stop by a Gas station (some sell fishing licenses) DON'T TAKE I POD OFF. Hope back on your bike and peddle to a bedding store and take a nap you're going to need it. (DON'T TAKE IPOD OFF the whole time you are there) On your way home stop by a hardware store and pick up some spray paint (ipod on). Then start heading home, stop by that infamous barn everyone paints on and start spraying. While you're peddling home the sun set will happen and when you finally get home go lay on the tramp and look at constellations. There I think you just did 7 in one day. Sorry I keep saying keep your ipod on but knowing you, you probably have a zillion songs on there. Good luck it's a great idea!

      Angie K


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