I Am So Awkward

So I guess I'm in the Lethbridge scene... yay. I don't know if it's the mountain air or what but I've realized I have definitely lost my touch down here. I feel like all my senses towards the opposite sex, especially in terms of flirting, have just gone missing. I've always thought of myself as having a great understanding of men but after this week I've come to the sad realization that that is not the case. Let me tell you why:
Last Friday I went to the Black Social II, a great event thrown where lots of people got together and listened to music and later danced. I loved it, maybe too much. I was so busy dancing I missed all the signals which later I realized were signs of potential flirting. 

The girls and I partied in the U.S.A., nodded our heads and moved our hips like "yah!". It was wonderful. Usually when the hip movement part of the chorus comes I tend to get a little carried away because, let's face it, it's a brief chance to dance a little dirty without seeming inappropriate. So as the moment came for me to do just as Miley Cyrus does, I happened to bump into a boy. I moved over and proceeded to dance only to have him bump into me again. I turned and he was smiling a cute smile and said: "Maybe you should stop bumping me." This was said in a pretty flirty manner and it was obvious he was moving close just to bump me and be funny. This was a pivotal moment. I could smile and bump him back maybe or strike up a conversation! Pretty sure anything but what I did would have worked, but in the end all I said was: "Oh... my bad," he gave me a confused looked and watch as  I then walked away never to see him again. I am so socially retarded. I thought he was serious and really wanted me to stop bumping him! I've lost all touch with my flirty side. Where have you gone flirty Kelsey? Why can't I find you? Will I ever be able to giggle at a boy ever again?

I was going to tell the second story, but I'm just really ashamed right now. I feel as if I'm doomed to never meet some new and be normal around them ever again. Is there any hope? I think not.

I'm almost as awkward as this picture. Oh wait, that's me.
 I guess I am as awkward.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I want to hear the other funny story. That just made my day!

  2. Ohh Kels! I LOVE you to. I want to hear the story too. I did get a pretty funny look from Ryker when I burst out laughing he said, " Is it Auntie Kelsey's stories or Auntie Amy's," which made me laugh even harder. You two make me laugh daily, and pretty soon all my sisters will be home and I'm going to be really lonely as the only one away so you guys keep the funny coming...... Luvs!!!

    Angie K


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