We're Here!

Oh today has been lovely... We finally got in last night around 7:30 by sheer luck. Since our flight was cancelled there was about 30 people in standby waiting for the next flight at 6. We were about 8th in line for getting the spot so there was no hope and hardly any hope for the 9 o clock. It looked like we'd be staying for the night. So I sat back and relaxed waiting for my parents to get a shuttle to the closest hotel so we could fly out the next morning. Then suddenly: "Scott party of 3." They were telling us we could make it on the flight. I don't know how we possibly got on but we did... It was amazing! The flight was quick and when we got off the plane, finally in Palm Springs, it was the weirdest thing... it smelled like corn on the cob. Seriously I felt like I was at a 4th of July barbeque. I love it!! and the whole airport is outside so to get to baggage you go on a sidewalk under all these palm trees and gardens it was so beautiful! 
I think all airports should look like this.


But to every highlight of Scott vacations there seems to always be a draw back. This time around it was the luggage. One of our three bags didn't even end up leaving Edmonton. How ridiculous! But we were said to get it the next day so we weren't too worried. Mom and dad just had zero clothes and I had no pants, that's all. We got in about 7:30 and after saying our hellos we did what was best; we ate at in-n-out. Delicious! I swear all the times I've gone before I never quite enjoyed it but this time was a dream. The shakes were so thick I could barely slurp them through the straw and the hamburgers had everything on them! It was the perfect end to a slightly stressful day.
so sad...

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