Not Quite There.

I love airports.  There’s a certain atmosphere to them and I just can’t seem t get enough of them for a few main reasons: you never go outside but yet you feel as though you aren’t really enclosed in a building because of the large windows and sunshine and there’s a peace and quiet along with that; Everyone’s here, but not really by choice so there seems to be certain camaraderie and politeness as if to say: “I wish I was at my destination too”; And lastly, the wonderful variety of people you see. I sit a mere ten feet from a man with the most exquisite, repulsive, and a tad bit confusing shoes I’ve ever seen. They are, wait for it, a combination of crocs and dress shoes. The top is made of leather and even laced, you’d think your eyes were deceiving you but lo and behold there beneath such material is the design of those rubbery footwear. What a perfect combination of dressy and casual. It’s the mullet, in footwear. (Business at the top, party on the bottom? Haha) I had to take a picture. Soak it up folks.
I tried to be as stealth as possible, but I think he's onto me.

So our first day hasn’t worked out quite like we all expected. If everything had gone as planned I would actually be sitting on a plane half way to Palm Springs by now, but our flight got delayed three hours. So, I’m in Denver reading cool facts about the altitude and walking back and forth on the flat escalators, because when I walk really fast I feel superhuman. I actually don’t mind it too much. My parents nearly died of an anxiety attack because it seemed to ruin our plans but I’m actually quite content. I’ve rented a movie on iTunes, the airport has free Internet, and our airhostess is a rambunctious black woman who would pronounce, “what are you looking at?” as “whu choo lookin yat?” LOVE IT.  So actually, I am quite content. Let me just say I’m still ridiculously excited to go to California, the whole week is said to be 27 and above, but it’s nice to sit and relax and prepare for this amazing week. I am a little tired of travelling and airplanes where I can’t stretch my legs.

So here I sit staring out at the landings after just devouring the greasiest meal of my life. My fear of trans fats was put to the back of my mind as I took in a philly cheese steak so fatty and slimy it soaked through my wrapper. Oh well, it was good anyways and spicy just the way I like it. But now I feel sloshy and tired and I best go have a nap before our next flight.
If you look closely I only remembered to put make up on one eye. haha.

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  1. I love airports too but mostly just for the food/candy stores in them!
    Mullet of footwear so funny you just made my day!!!
    I hope you're there now have fun.
    love ya


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